Former DEA Agent Speaks Out in Favor of Legal Marijuana

An initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona has gained support from an unlikely source.

A former Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent, who spent six years as the DEA's Marijuana Coordinator in Miami and New Mexico, is now speaking out in favor of legislation that would create a full-fledged recreational marijuana program in Arizona. After years of fighting the War on Drugs, Finn Selander has done an about-face, and he sat down with ABC15 to explain why.

"As an agent, I was doing my job," Selander said. "I was enforcing the law. It was definitely hard at times… I would see injustice in a number of cases."

Now a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP, Selander said that he's seen too many lives ruined by strict marijuana laws and those laws need to change.

According to ABC15, the initiative he's supporting is set to to appear on Arizona's 2016 ballots and "proposes legalizing marijuana for recreational use for those over the age of 21, creating a network of shops licensed to sell and distribute it and taxing it 15 percent on top of the regular sales tax."

(Photo Courtesy of Wired)

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  1. While many people worry that legalizing Medicinal Cannabis will lead to liberalization of Recreational Cannabis, the Pharmaceutical industry is much more worried about the effect on their profits should the medicinal effects of Cannabis become well known. This is why they pump so much money into innocent sounding anti-drug lobby groups.

    Any law that is based on lies and racism for reasons of greed and power has no place in a democratic (or any other) society. One that has caused so much unnecessary suffering and death from issues like Treatment Resistant Epilepsy around the world for decades needs to be repealed, the truth be published and the corruption punished.

    Most people with Epilepsy in the world live in countries where the pharmaceutical company’s drugs are either not available or affordable.

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