Glass Artist of the Month: Steven Hulsebos

Steven Hulsebos started his career operating a Phoenix, Arizona smoke shop, stocking his store with hand pipes. But his goal was to be the artist.

Once he got started, his pipes began appearing on his shelves. And once he was able to support himself solely through glassblowing, he ditched the retail business altogether.

At first, he created patterns to put on the ends of his pipes.

“Honeycombs, dot stacks and dot implosions were all my favorites,” Steve said. “Dot work has always caught my eye. I wanted to explore the possibilities. Once I focused on patterning, I found my niche in glass.”

Dot implosions are done on tubing. “It’s tedious work,” he admitted, “sitting at the torch for hours in the same position.”

But he deals with it. Now behind the torch for six years, he says, “The greatest thing about art is that you never stop learning. Some of my favorite work is collaboration. When two people have something unique to bring to the table, they can make something that neither would make on their own.

“This has become much more than just a job for me, it’s become my passion. I love creating something that other people can enjoy. With just one chance on this planet, I think creation is one of the most beautiful things.”

Follow Steve on Instagram (@stevehglass).

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