Over 3,300 Grams Of Weed Falls Off Trailer On i-80

122 pounds of high-quality cannabis was discovered by the Nebraska State Patrol on Friday afternoon.
Over 3,300 Grams Of Weed Falls Off Trailer On i-80

Due to its current legal status on both a federal level and in 21 individual states, the marijuana black market is still as relevant as ever. While many states are beginning to embrace the plant, at least for medicinal purposes, pot dealers will always seemingly have a place in society until cannabis is legal on a federal level. And even then, there’s no telling how long it would take for a black market to be ultimately squashed, especially considering the laundry lists of regulations most recreational states have to abide by.

So considering the current landscape, there’s no shortage of drug deals, and in this case, drug deals gone wrong. This was most certainly the case over the weekend, but this wasn’t your typical botched attempt. We’re talking about losing over 3,300 grams of high-quality weed here.

The Bungled Attempt: Over 3,300 Grams Of Weed Falls Off Trailer On i-80

The screw-up of a lifetime happened around 3 P.M Friday afternoon on Interstate 80 near Odessa, Nebraska. A package fell off a flatbed trailer being pulled by a Dodge Ram. Well, accidents happen. Except, instead of just taking it as a loss, the owner of the package actually called the Nebraska State Patrol, reporting that their parcel had fallen off the truck on the highway.

One trooper went to search for the package, while one went to meet up with the vehicle. However, the trooper was astonished to find out the package was stuffed to the brim with cannabis. This then prompted the two troopers to conduct a search of the vehicle, who then found a hidden compartment on the undercarriage of the trailer.

Inside the secret compartment were dozens of similar packages, all filled with high-grade cannabis. In total, there were about 122 pounds or 3,300 grams of marijuana uncovered. The troopers estimated that the street value of the drugs was worth around $366,000.

The driver of the Dodge Ram, Charlie Red, 48, of Colorado, and the passenger Damaisy Rodriguez, 29, of Florida, were then arrested on charges of possession of more than one pound of marijuana and possession with intent to deliver.

The Nebraska State Patrol then took to Twitter to ensure a similar situation wouldn’t happen again. Not to mention troll the two men responsible for the incident.

“Today’s hint: if you are carrying over 120 pounds of marijuana, pack it so that it doesn’t fall out while driving down the interstate,” The Nebraska State Patrol Troop C tweeted. “Luckily someone called us so we could reunite them with their lost packages.”

Final Hit: Over 3,300 Grams Of Weed Falls Off Trailer On i-80

While this might be a failure for the ages, it’s far from the first blown marijuana smuggling attempt and certainly won’t be the last, as we’ve seen many of creative attempts over the years.

Back in November, border officials were able to uncover 1,300 pounds of pot at the U.S./Mexican border, hidden in bags of silicone sand. Additionally, in June of last year, nearly two tons of cannabis disguised as lettuce almost made its way over the same border.  And last February, Border agents discovered close to 4,000 pounds of weed disguised as limes near the Gulf of Mexico.

So, in layman’s terms, if there’s a will, there’s a way. People like their cannabis, period.

Now if only the federal government could capitalize on such an opportunity.

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