How to Help the California Cannabis Community Affected by Fires

How to Help the California Cannabis Community Affected by Fires

Among the victims of the Northern California wildfires are plenty of pot farmers. Without insurance for their crops, many have lost everything including live plants, grow equipment and priceless pot genetics. They’re also being shunned by aid agencies due to their marijuana cultivation backgrounds. Want to support directly? Here’s how to help the California cannabis community affected by fires.

Read the harrowing tale from the scene of the fires from pot pioneer breeder Subcool of TGA Genetics. TGA is a member of our High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame and multiple winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup, as well as making our list of Top 10 Strains of the Year.

Subcool Speaks

How to Help the California Cannabis Community Affected by Fires
On the left: Subcool’s plants before the fire. On the right: Subcool’s land after the fire.

Subcool: “Last Sunday night, MzJill went outside and yelled ‘We need to get out of the house!’ The flames were 300 feet above our house, and in just moments, we had to evacuate. Jill left first, but I stood around pondering what to grab.

“I certainly didn’t grab the things I should have. We evacuated multiple times and eventually ended up in a hotel battling smoke and flames. We finally evacuated for good on Thursday. Jill went North to Oregon, and I went South to get out of the smoke.

“Our city is completely destroyed—farms, homes, people’s lives uprooted and destroyed forever. I lost my home and every single thing I own—every single photograph, every piece of music and over a million cannabis seeds.

“There really is no place to stay in Santa Rosa. Everything is covered with smoking ash, and many crops have been ruined. We have a grassroots effort with me and the GrowTube Roundtable working with Patrick the Soil King to raise money for people who have been displaced by the fire.”

How To Help Fire Victims

How to Help the California Cannabis Community Affected by Fires
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Donated funds will go directly to The Soil King Garden Center—320 Santana Drive, Cloverdale, California—to help them with their efforts to meet the immediate needs of people in the fire area: clothing, fuel, food, shelter, transportation, even a place to keep their animals.

This is your opportunity to help the Northern California community in their time of emergency need, including giving back to some who always give to others. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

The Soil King Garden Center is also taking on-site donations and working every second of the day to help the cannabis culture family get through these devastating fires. Phone lines are open, and the Soil King has accounts ready to take donations.

Here is the link to donate directly via GoFundMe: Donate Now! Prefer the phone? Call the Soil King Hotline for Donations at (707) 894-3500.

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