Here’s Why You Should Eat Weed at Work

“If you want to get something done, ask a busy person,” so goes the saying. Or ask someone who’s just popped a weed gummy.

When owner of Denver-based Green Lion Partners needs to get a ton of work done, that’s what he does.

Actually he takes just half of a gummy.

After all, Jeffrey Zucker’s business is backing cannabis-related companies, so he might not want to get “Maureen Dowded” on the job, or any time for that matter.

The unfortunate experience, referenced above, happened in 2014, when Dowd, the New York Times columnist, scarfed down an edible in Denver without doing any research (such as, how much THC is in this huge chocolate bar I just ate?), then ended up on the floor of her hotel room in a hellish state of paranoia.

Zucker, according to Bloomberg News, eats small amounts—just enough to get nicely buzzed for that extra punch of creative inspiration and focus.

In fact, Zucker also encourages his employees to “do whatever will make them the most successful.”

Oh, Colorado! Always at the head of the pack when it comes to weed wisdom.

In this case, the enlightened way of consuming edibles seems to be microdosing, which involves eating bits of candy, baked goods or other yummy delights with less than five milligrams of THC.

In addition to being a wise way for the uninitiated to get started—or for those with low tolerance—microdosing edibles can also produce positive physical effects.

An IT director at a law firm told Bloomberg that he pops multiple low-dose mints everyday that help him with inflammation, indigestion and managing stress and anxiety.

“I’m not digesting a crazy amount of marijuana and falling asleep at my desk,” said Marquise Prentice. “I’m active all day, functioning, and completing my tasks.”

Weed edibles are easy to get and, thankfully, are being regulated much more closely than in those scary Maureen Dowd days. And this includes learning how to calculate THC dosages in homemade edibles.

Christie Strong, marketing communications manager at California-based Kiva Confections—which produces an amazing 2.5 mg mint—says people aren’t using edibles to “get blasted into outer space,” but are finding they have more focus with a small amount instead of the typical stoned “experience when they’re a little distracted and hazy.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a little distracted and hazy, as long as you’re not operating heavy machinery or doing several other such jobs.

“I’m not saying have cannabis and drive a forklift. That is a bad idea,” said Tim Moxey, who runs Botanica Seattle, which also makes low-dose mints and brownies. “If you are professionally using your brain and find it works for you, go for it. I don’t have any moral objection to that.”

Here’s hoping the feds will back off our legal and medical weed and that company owners will stop drug testing their employees, unless of course, you’re driving a forklift.

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