High Times’ Smoke-Tastic 40th Anniversary Bash

A smoke-tastic celebration brought hundreds of honored guests, freedom fighters and celebrities together with High Times staff and alumni to toast 40 years of publication of the world’s number-one marijuana magazine. The cannabis-loving crowd, which included Jonathan Bricklin and Susan Sarandon (above) assembled at a rooftop bar on New York City’s famed Lower East Side to ring in High Times’ fifth decade of leading the charge towards full pot legalization in America.

Arriving guests were greeted by the lovely Sapphire Jones, who adorned them with a pot-leaf lei and ushered them upstairs.

VIPs posed for a photo on the green carpet before heading into the party.

Charlo Greene, recipient of HT’s Courage in Media Award, and her Alaska Cannabis Club team

Ben Sinclair, co-creator and star of High Maintenance walked the green carpet:

Jackie Martling and Keith Stroup had fun:
Busy Bee buzzed:
Theo Stockman and Lourdes Davila said “hi”:
Rob Cantrell was in the house:
As was NYC’s Weed Fairy and friend!
A stunning pot-leaf pinata glittered high above the dance floor, prompting many to wonder just what exactly was inside…
When the pinata was whacked into a shower of glitter, paper, and all sorts of delicious treats, the assembled crowd dove into the remnants, and when they emerged with their booty, the sweet smell on the smoking terrace got a lot… sweeter.
Ed Dwyer and Michael Kennedy chatted about the business of marijuana:
Pop-up performances added sizzle to the party, with a trippy LED fan dance by Claire De Luxe setting the tone.
HT’s Mary Jane Gibson and Claire De Luxe
Fabulous folks including Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, NORML’s Keith Stroup, and HT’s own Chris Simunek, Bobby Black, Danny Danko and Rick Cusick stood back to take it all in, as partygoers lit up freely.
Keith Stroup, founder of NORML
It was a night when everyone was a rock star…and partied like one:
And then we ordered pizza:
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