How to Get 100 Free Cannabis Seeds

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Canada has some of the most liberal marijuana laws on the planet, but there isn’t nearly enough cannabis in Canada for Dana Larsen. 

The Vancouver, B.C.-area longtime marijuana activist and onetime dispensary owner is happy the country licenses medical-marijuana providers and that the current Liberal government has promised to legalize recreational cannabis, sure. That’s more than any other country is doing, aside from possibly Israel, but Canada still need a kick.

Legalizing is taking too long, and there’s no guarantee Canadians will be able to grow their own. (Medical-marijuana patients have to go through an onerous process to be allowed to have a home garden, which is why most don’t bother and go for medicine grown by one of the country’s 34 providers.)

So Larsen wants to blanket the country, from Yukon to Montreal, in five million marijuana plants. And he needs help, which is why his company will mail you 100 free seeds for your own “Ganja Victory Garden.” Provided you are in Canada.

Larsen and his organization, Overgrow Canada, have been at this for a while.

Last year, the company gave away 2.3 million cannabis seeds, he claims. This year, with Trudeau’s government taking its time figuring out how to legalize while renegade marijuana dispensaries in Toronto are getting raided, Larsen’s campaign for marijuana planting is meant to remind us all how we got here—civil disobedience.

Cannabis liberation is about peaceful defiance, and st‎anding up against unjust laws, not only with words, but with concrete action,” he wrote on Overgrow Canada’s website. “So this is my rallying cry for all Canadians. If you love cannabis, if you love freedom, or if you just love your country, then plant some cannabis seeds this spring, and we will all reap a wonderful harvest together.”

Canada has been dragged this far only by citizens openly defying the laws.

Stores sold bongs and books about cannabis until police stopped bothering to bust them (even though those laws are still on the books). Citizen activists smoked marijuana in public, then gave it away and now there are hundreds of dispensaries across the country (which are still technically illegal, but the police are taking a half-hearted stand against them at best).

Call this latest step resistance by mass horticulture.

The seeds are for a strain called “Freedom Dream.” Biologically, it’s bona fide cannabis sativa—though most of us would call it “hemp.” The strain is supposed to have a “very low level” of THC and 10 percent CBD, Overgrow Canada claimed in a widely-circulated email.

So it’s the kind of weed—not psychoactive, totally legal—you used to see on TV in Trailer Park Boys. Then and now, it’s the look that matters, and a sea of green across the country sends a decisive message.

As Overgrow Canada’s Jennifer Cole put it, “the real goal… is to get cannabis plants in public places.”

“Sprout them at home, get them going, then put them in your yard,” she wrote, “or in front of city hall, or in community gardens, or anywhere else where they have a chance to grow and make a statement.”

    1. Yes I would like to know that also I’m a beginner trying to start out learning to grow pot I can’t find free seeds I’m in usa I hope you can help me out my name is victor

  1. Looking for some free seeds please ! I’m in NL, Canada………….p.o. box 313, St. Alban’s, NL, Canada A0H2E0

  2. Hey Larsen I too would like to get some free seeds. I don’t know how to contact you and I hope that this comment will reach you. Please email me for my address and other information. Thank you so much. Cannabis needs to be naturalized in our communities and culture/society. Thanks again. LEGALIZE DONT CRITIZISE

  3. this guy right here would love some free seeds, i hope i reach you as well, hope to receive an email from ya also, hope to hear soon =, free seeds free seeds!!!!!

    1. Please add this Canadian stuck in Dante’s Inferno state if he had one to your list of beggars. In all seriousness, I would like appreciate it if you would send some free seeds my way so I can smoke out this tool Governor Dingleberry. Unless I’m dead by Covid by then but I will appreciate the effort.

      Adam Kucharski
      23666 SW Plaza Ct
      Dunnellon,Florida, 34431

  4. Hello, I’ve taken the last few years and really learned some new things and weeded out some old traditions. I don’t have a method, I have a starting point, I know what my plants need so I start there and follow them. Different plants have different needs. Seeing everything you learn at work is inspiring. I would love to start growing, testing and recording for someone. I’ve been wanting to do episode and grow logs and this is what I been wanting and needing, can you help please. Thank you.

  5. Looking for some seeds to start a better grow experience. I love growing marijauna, love how far everything has come. How ever the last three times I ordered seeds my money was taken out but never received my orders. Any thing you can do for me will help get everything on the right track. Love what you guys are doing. Love to see things like this, and to know there are real cannabis lovers out there like me.

  6. Hi I would love to check out the seeds please you did not mention weather they where regular or feminized or autos? Thanks for the opportunity high times!! Here’s the addy below.
    Randy Joseph F.
    #103-4615 50th street
    Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S1L7

  7. FREE $€€D$ please! I will send pictures of beginning stages all the way to the final outcome if so. Would be greatly appreciated . Thank you and have a super day!
    Cry$tal Wab$\$ Stays high @
    312 Baron St.
    Custer MI 49405

  8. Hi my name’s is Omar Sanchez I am a new grower and would like to try your seeds I am in the USA it’s hard to get seeds in my area my address is 3609 Baldwin st Los Angeles CA, 90031 please 🥺 a pack of seeds would help anyone please 🙏 bless you bye

  9. This guy here is trying too get some free seeds so I can explore the greatness of growing marijuana and share it with others in my area
    Address 157 Mayberry street sparta TN 38583

  10. I would love to get free seeds. I have a certification from a doctor and it’s a shame that people that can legally go to a dispensery can’t find seeds for a home grow. If this is legit, it would make my day to get seed.

  11. Please send me some free seeds its God’s country and its a bettef place when you got some trees grown-up God bless 🙏
    David White
    600 Heartland Ln
    Savannah, TN

  12. Hi I’m 44 yrs old live in a state weed is legal and the only con is theres no seeds to be found here . Can I please get a sample pack along with places to get seeds. Free is good due to limited income and injured cant work and need pain relief. Please help me out .

    1350 tremper dr 16
    Missoula mt 59802

    1. I would love sum free seeds plz I have sister that needs for cancer 169 Haley bottoms rd carbon hill al 35549 it be much appreciated

  13. I would love the free seeds if this offer is still open. 119 Sunland Drive Andrews North Carolina 28901 . I’m trying to get started out and tge price of everything is harder for someone like me to get my feet off the ground . So if there available there’s my address and thank you so much in advance ✌ & ♥

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