Illegal Immigrant Found In Walls Of UK Marijuana Grow

An illegal immigrant found in walls of UK marijuana grow doesn’t look great for the upcoming debate on cannabis legalization.
Illegal Immigrant Found In Walls Of UK Marijuana Grow

One of the perils of marijuana prohibition is cannabis growers often take drastic measures to produce black-market pot. Laws against marijuana do not prevent criminal organizations from supplying cannabis enthusiasts with the weed they need. But sometimes these shifty operations can result in the destruction of property and lives. Often it is illegal immigrants who suffer. Like this illegal immigrant found in walls of UK marijuana grow.

Rented House Destroyed By Illegal Marijuana Cultivation

report from the UK media indicates that an illegal cannabis operation may have just landed an illegal immigrant from Vietnam in some trouble with the law. Anh Hoang, 29, was discovered hiding in the wall of a rental house used to grow weed.

The man sought refuge inside the structure during a raid to keep from going to jail. But his hide-and-seek game was not as strong as his green thumb. Police say he had 75 plants, which could have put a “significant” amount of black market bud on the streets.

It was in the Wolverhampton Crown Court earlier this week that prosecutor David Bennett detailed the indiscretions of Hoang. He testified that the rental property suffered extensive damage as a result of marijuana cultivation.

Bennett then explained how the owner of the property has suffered emotional stress. The destruction made by the illicit cannabis farm was significant.

But Hoang may not have acted alone. Court records indicate that a female rented the Dudley property some time ago. There is speculation that this person may be part of a large illegal cannabis operation.

Hoang, who the court referred to as the “gardener,” was simply responsible for the crop. But this activity caused “substantial” damage to the home, prosecutor Bennett told the judge.

Judge Comes Down Hard on Illegal Immigrant

Unfortunately, the situation did not bode well for Hoang. The man confessed to manufacturing the controlled substance. It is not immediately clear whether he provided the court with information linking the marijuana grow with a criminal organization.

What is clear, however, is that Judge Dean Kershaw did not show Hoang any mercy. He was given 10 months in jail.

The judge told Hoang that he could be deported before he finishes his sentence.

“You knew full well what you were doing,” the judge told Hoang. “You have smoked cannabis so you knew exactly what it was you were growing. These plants could have produced a significant quantity of the drug.”

Final Hit: Illegal Immigrant Found In Walls Of UK Marijuana Grow

As far as the owner of the rented property, she loses out. The judge said “I cannot make an order for the unfortunate lady whose house has been ruined.”

All the landlord can do is file suit against the person named on the lease. But the chances of that shaking out in her favor are slim.

The UK Parliament is set to discuss marijuana legalization later this week. Many cannabis advocates say that imposing a taxed and regulated market is the only way to prevent illegal pot grows.

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