Inaugural Clio Cannabis Awards Jury Officially Announced

Here’s everyone who will be judging the first Clio Cannabis Awards!
Inaugural Clio Cannabis Awards Jury Officially Announced
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A month after the initial announcement of the Clio Cannabis Awards, High Times and Clio are excited to reveal the choices for the inaugural jury. The Clio Cannabis jury is comprised of experts and executives in the cannabis space who have been determined to be the most qualified to decide who will be awarded those coveted Clios.

The jurors are:

  • Evan Goldberg, Co-Founder, Houseplant
  • Lisa Buffo, Founder & CEO, Cannabis Marketing Association
  • Rebecca Brown, Founder & CEO, Crowns Agency
  • Jason DeLand, Founding Partner, dosist / Anamoly
  • Tommy Means, Founder & CCO, Mekanism
  • Elizabeth Hogan, VP of Brands, GCH, Inc.
  • Olivia Mannix, Founder & CEO, Cannabrand
  • Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, CMO, GSW Creative Corp
  • Jason White, CMO, Cura Partners
  • Greg Dacyshyn, Co-Founder, Camp High

Thanks to the tireless work of advocates and activists, cannabis legalization is spreading across the nation. And so, marketing and advertising has become even more important for brands and organizations as a way to stand out in the new green sea.

“As the cannabis industry evolves, brands will lead its development. How those brands create and market in this space is vital for the industry to explore and understand, especially given the regulatory constraints,” said juror Jason DeLand in a press release. He’s the Founding Partner of dosist / Anamoly. 

“In my view, there is no better category to showcase fresh strategic and creative choices and I hope this new awards program will encourage the creative community to rise to the challenge.”

The jury is expected to come together on November 18 to deliberate on the entrants’ submissions; the winners of the Clio Cannabis Awards will be announced November 20.

Submissions are now open. To enter, or to get more information, including guidelines and deadlines, please visit:

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