Israel Officially Recognizes MMJ as Agricultural Branch

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Israel officially recognizes medical marijuana as a part of the agricultural branch, according to Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel. The ministry believes that cannabis exports will bring in between 1 to 4 billion New Israeli Shekels per year. In addition to money from exports, the move allows Israeli cannabis farmers to receive government aid and support.

Israeli Medical Marijuana

Israel has been a leader in cannabis research and development for the past decade. Their research and development has been recognized worldwide. In fact, they developed the first ever high-CBD strain called Avidekel.

In 2007, the country began allowing government-approved producers of medical marijuana. A few months ago, Israel’s largest supplier of medical pot expanded sales to the U.S. The process to obtain a medical marijuana license was recently shortened allowing more doctors to prescribe medical cannabis. The process to obtain a medical marijuana license was recently shortened, allowing more doctors to prescribe medical cannabis.

Less than a week ago, Israel’s Health Ministry approved the establishment of the first medical cannabis factory in Israel which will increase their supply by 10. Israel is taking several steps towards further developing medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Joins Agricultural Branch

Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel announced the decision to turn medical marijuana production into an agricultural branch on Tuesday morning. Growers of medical marijuana will now be able to receive support, grants, water distribution and even training from the Agriculture Ministry. The ministry claims there will be between 15 – 20 growers of medical marijuana who will receive government benefits and support.

Ariel has told the head scientists in the ministry and the agricultural research director to continue research and agricultural development to promote basic and applied research into medical marijuana. There hasn’t been a new agricultural branch since the horse branch was established a decade ago.

The Israeli Health Ministry acknowledged the fact that the majority of countries in the world have banned the use of cannabis.

However, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is growing in popularity worldwide. Since research on cannabis hasn’t been as limited in Israel as it is in other countries the positive effects of the plant have been confirmed to the government. As a result, the Israeli medical marijuana industry has been given the permissions necessary to thrive.

In the United States, licensed growers of medical marijuana still face repercussions due to federal laws conflicting with state laws. Blocks from the DEA have kept cannabis Schedule I and research to a minimum. Without sufficient research, it is hard to convince politicians to change cannabis laws.

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