Join Us Online For The Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition

We’re excited to bring an isolation-friendly spin on the Cannabis Cup.
Join Us Online For The Virtual Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People's Choice Edition
High Times

The Cannabis Cup, High Times’ signature competition, has gone virtual. And now, it’s coming to Oklahoma. 

In what will be the first ever competition open to the public in the Sooner State, the “High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition” will look to award the best marijuana products from Tulsa to Lawton, Oklahoma City to Muskogee. 

The competition will be open to only medical products, which must be grown and produced in Oklahoma at a facility licensed under the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, which was created by a measure passed by voters in the state in 2018 that legalized medical cannabis. It will also feature the largest pool of judges in the competition’s history. 

We are also excited to announce that our intake partner for this event will be Cali Roots—an Oklahoma-based chain of medical cannabis dispensaries. Cali Roots distinguishes themselves with their educated and compassionate staff, their stocked shelves of premium products that address a wide variety of needs, and their commitment to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Cannabis Cup to go virtual. Last week, High Times announced that its inaugural Hemp Cup will be the first High Times competition to go online. The event was originally scheduled to take place last weekend in Austin, Texas, but instead will be held on April 4 via Facebook Live. The Oklahoma competition is being carefully planned to include minimal human interaction, while also encouraging maximum participation throughout the state.

The Cannabis Cup in Oklahoma will kick off in early May, when competitors will start dropping off entries, which will then be sorted into judges kits across the various categories. After reserving and obtaining kits, judges will have a one month period to enjoy, evaluate and grade entries from the comfort of home. Scores will be submitted remotely to the official High Times scorebook.

It is slated to run May 11-12 in Oklahoma City, followed by May 14-15 in Stillwater. The judging timeframe will last 30 days from May 23-June 24, with a digital awards show slated for June 27. The categories for the Oklahoma competition include: Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Hybrid Flower, Pre-Rolls, Non-Solvent Concentrates, Solvent Concentrates, Vape Pens & Cartridges, Edibles: Food Items (Gummies, Chocolates), Edibles: Non-Food Items (Tinctures, Capsules) and Topicals.

  1. I live in Seattle and would like to evaluate the products being submitted, is shipping a judges kit available to be sent?

  2. The site states judging kits are on sale. I have already entered for my kit, just wondering what the cost of the kits will be.

  3. I think I would be a good candidate. I smoked into my early 20s and quit for world and kids, that and I didn’t live in a legal state. Now IL is legal and I’m trying to find what works for me now at age 40.

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