Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List 6

It may be a new year, but we’re still dealing with COVID-19, so here’s some more heat to keep your spirits lifted…

With no end in sight, I’ve decided that this year we’ve got to go twice as hard to make sure your feelings stay as high as your brain will undoubtedly have to be. With reports from New Frontier Data showing cannabis consumption significantly up last year for 42% of their respondents, and an additional 42% maintaining their regular consumption habits, I’m positioning 2021 as the year-long 4/20 we were promised last year, but without all the fun in-person events we thought were coming. As such, here’s another Quarantine Cop List to provide you with much needed relief through this trying time.

As always, don’t be a stranger – hit us on Twitter and let us know what you think of this list, and what needs to be on the next one!

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Saucey

Saucey’s Syrup

A staple for those of us in the know, Saucey has been providing consistent heat for the past two years up and down the West Coast. With operations in Oregon and California, Saucey is the brainchild of Alex Todd, the famed celebrity jeweler with connections across the entertainment landscape, and a true cannabis lifer. Having already become familiar with their fire flower selection (I HIGHLY recommend the Brooklyn Kush Cake), my latest discovery from the Saucey team is an instant classic for any macrodoser like myself. Coming in 250 mg or 1000 mg varietals, let me just say there are few edible products in the space that I love as much as this, or that are this effective. The 1000 mg bottle is the perfect way to get that amazing high school-style of stoned without all the sugar that ingesting that much THC would normally require, but as a disclaimer let it be known that it’s probably not a good idea to down a whole 1000 mg bottle like I did. That said though, it felt GREAT.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of 710 Labs

710Labs Noodle Doinks

As a proud Italian, if pasta is involved I’m probably interested in whatever it is that we’re talking about, but as a joint connoisseur the team over at 710 Labs have taken this paisan’s love for fusilli to a whole new level. You’ve probably already heard about the top-level extracts they’ve been producing for years, with a quality and following that’s second to none in today’s legal market, but if you haven’t yet dabbled into their preroll line, let this be your wakeup call. I scored a 10 pack of their Candy Chrome #27 doinks and let me tell you—there are very few competitors in the space who can stand toe-to-toe with these guys. Instead of a traditional cardboard filter the masterminds behind the brand have inserted mini fusilli noodles at the end to optimize airflow and minimize doobie snack leftovers on your lips or in your mouth. Even better, these doobs are packed with top shelf cannabis flowers, not trim, so even though you’ve probably never used a noodle as a filter, these will hit like you rolled them yourself!

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Doja.Pak

Doja.Pak’s RS-11

I’ve got a full review coming out later this month, but I couldn’t wait to tell you that if you haven’t had the chance to try the RS-11 cultivar from Doja.Pak yet you’re seriously missing out on something magic. Doja has been known for supplying the fire for years, including for having better cuts than what you’d typically find on a dispensary shelf, but this first venture into branding genetics is proving to be a big hit for these guys. Bred by Deep East and grown by Wizard Trees, RS-11 (which stands for Rainbow Sherbet 11) really is worth all the hype, with a pungent room-filling aroma that actually sticks with you through the entire smoke. Of course as with most hype strains this is already highly counterfeited, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on Doja.Pak’s IG for the latest drops to cop something truly official.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Alt

Alt Liquid Cannabis

I’m a big fan of the idea of drinking cannabis, so I’m excited to see the rise in infused drinks coming to market, but I’ve got to say, this one size fits all approach is not working out for consumers like myself. While I understand that others only need 2.5mg, my friends and I are looking for a lot stronger buzz. Enter Alt, an infused liquid which allows you to instantly add cannabis to anything, and at your own speed. The product comes in 5 mg vials, but you can get them in packs of 5, so no matter what your tolerance you’ll be able to create an enjoyable experience. Not only that, but you also no longer have to rely on what the market decides is the best flavor profiles—medicated Coca-Cola is now a reality!

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Dosist

Dosist Live Resin Collabs

Now here’s a product that’s finally hitting its stride! I’ve been a fan of the gorgeous design of Dosist’s products for years (since back when they were hmbldt!) but as I’ve moaned about plenty enough already, I’m not the type that’s looking to microdose. No disrespect of course, but as a result, dosists products have always been a beautiful thing for me to watch from afar. Today however, I’m proud to say their new Dose Controller, especially when paired with these 710 Labs Live Resin pods, are truly elevating the vape game. From the magnetic charging to the ease of pod use, everything about this pen feels premium, and the resin inside (as mentioned up-stream) is some of the best I’ve tasted. If you’re looking for a discreet way to consume on the go I happily give the Dose Controller a stamp of approval.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Kanha

Kanha Belts

Earlier in this post (and I’m sure many times before in this column) I’ve complained about the amount of sugar you have to eat in order to consume large doses of THC in edibles these days. Well friends, I’ve got another fun one for ya that will allow you to get super high, super fast, and without the raging sugarhigh! Kanha’s new Belts—just like the sour belts you remember from childhood—contain only 2 strips per pack, with each strip packing a heavy 50 mg of THC in each. While I’d love for them to make these in 250 mg strips, this is a big step in the right direction—and let’s be real, I’m not mad at how delicious they are. If you’re like me and getting through an entire pack of gummies just to get to your desired dosage has been a chore, look no further.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Talking Terps

Talking Terps’ OG Crawford Toy

Talking Terps is quickly becoming one of my favorite ancillary brands in our space. From some of the best designed merch I’ve seen in years to the actual packaging the products arrive in, these guys are seriously thoughtful about every aspect of their presentation and experience, and as such it’s had me hooked for a minute now. Something about the way they infuse nature with classic art techniques feels fresh and nostalgic all at the same time. Recently these guys started dropping vinyl toys, and if you follow me on instagram you know, I’m a sucker for those. That said, while Kaws and Shoeuzi create art pieces I will always love, Talking Terps creates for OUR culture, as beautifully illustrated by their first toy, the OG Crawford. I know they’ve got a few others coming, like a mushroom couple paired with their signature sun, but I am just so excited to continue to watch these guys grow and create. If you’re not tuned in yet, the terps are talking—not just to each other, but to you! Join the love system.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Octave

Octave BattPack

A few months back I wrote about the Terp Timer by Octave, and how impressed I was by the functionality of the device. While the Terp Timer was only for those torching rigs, Octave’s new BattPack is a device that everyone could make use of. This high-tech cannabis hardware is a functional, portable battery pack that doubles as a stash case and on-the-go rolling tray. While it’s always a good idea to have an extra battery around to recharge your devices (USB & Type-C outputs), those on the outside will have no idea what else you’re packing inside. The inside includes slips for credit cards, straps for joints, and plenty of space to keep your bud or roll it up no matter where you are—in the car, or at the show (when we can get back to those!!)! Currently funded with over 40 days left in it’s Indiegogo campaign, this aptly named device really will make you feel like Batman.

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Kiva

Kiva Petra Mints

Y’all know I love me some Kiva products, but for some reason the Petra mints—though I’ve always heard good things—have eluded me for a while. I finally picked some up and I’ve got to say, I see what all the buzz is about now. These delicious packs of flavor stuff 100mg per pack across 40 mints, and come in a variety of flavors like Pineapple, Saigon Cinnamon, and my personal favorite, Moroccan Mint. While it’s always fun to have something delicious, these dual purpose breath fresheners allow you to dose your high without feeling like you’re eating a ton of sugar—it’s a win-win. I’ve been keeping these in my car lately and popping them before meetings—I may never buy another tin of Altoids again!

Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List 6
Courtesy of Clubhouse

Clubhouse (iOS only)—The Smoking Section Presented by High Times

Okay so this isn’t a brand new discovery as I’ve been spending time on here since October, but I’ve recently found a new social platform called Clubhouse that I’ve become borderline obsessed with and that I’d love for you to join me on. What I describe as TED meets Twitter, Clubhouse is an audio-first social platform that is all about creating genuine connection and conversation. While the rest of the social landscape lacks tone and inflection, and causes frustration and drama, Clubhouse has quickly become the safe haven for those of us feeling cooped up inside our houses, without the risk of exposure. In a time that lacks connection, Clubhouse has become the virtual bar for us to hang out at—or the 2020 version of a party line. I LOVE that this platform doesn’t allow you to DM, and requires other connections in order to meet offline, but also the communion that’s coming from just hanging out with people—especially strangers—again. A few friends & I have created a club on there called ‘the Smoking Section’, that meets every Wednesday at 4:20 pm PT. If you’re feeling bored, cooped up, or lonely, we’d love for you to join us!

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