Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of the Week #2

The quarantine’s not over, so here’s some more hot vuur to keep you entertained and emotionally stable through this challenging time.
Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2

I’ll level with you, it’s been a rough few months. Between coronavirus, the political landscape, and the fight for equality—with no end in sight for any of them—it’s hard not to lose your mother-lovin’ mind. I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but it’s been hard for me to stay out of my head, and remember that better days are (probably) coming…. (Right….??? RIGHT?!) After the positive response from the first piece, and in case there’s anyone else out there like me—who, while maybe hasn’t completely lost their mind yet, are fiending for things to make you feel good—I decided to drop in for Round 2 of the Quarantine Cop List, and pop off on some of my recent favorite goodies that have been making life at home that much more bearable. While the collection below won’t solve the world’s problems, they’ll certainly help you deal with them—even if just for a moment. Check out my latest quarantine cops!

As always, if you have any ideas for this list—or fun stuff to watch, games to play, ways to waste time—holler at me at and let me know what I’m sleeping on!

More Dope Shit I Found In Quarantine:

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of Cloudious

Tectonic 9 by Cloudious

I’ve said before that there hasn’t been much innovation in the grinder space in decades, but my friends at Cloudious 9 were quick to point out I was looking in the wrong place! Their automagic grinder—the Tectonic 9—may look like a normal 4 piecer from the outside, but the battery addition of a port hole and funnel on the side, as well as a motor to vibrate the unit, make this device the ideal companion for joint rollers—whether you’re filling a cone or breaking it up directly onto the paper for a handroll, the Tectonic 9 helps move your buds where you need them to go without making a mess. Great for outside and on the go, the vibrate functionality even has a small light inside so you can not only see what’s left inside the grinder’s chamber, but also roll in the dark!

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of Sleek USA

Impersonator by Sleek USA

This one’s for all the homies still suffering under prohibition. I know vape pens have been all the rage for those looking for a discreet smoke recently, but most die-hards know that vape pens can never really replace good ol’ fashioned plant matter. Those still required to hide their smoke also know finding a quick and inconspicuous way to rip with isn’t always an easy task. However, worry not. No longer will you need to hollow out an apple or roll a whole joint just to get a hit. Now you can just grab The Impersonator! Designed to look just like a basic Bic ballpoint pen, the Impersonator blends in WHEREVER you go—it even hides in plain sight in your pocket protector. 

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of CaliHash


The magic of hash making is alive and well in Los Angeles! Despite fading from the mainstream for a few years around the rise of oils and budders, hash is making a massive comeback right now and from Ice Water to Pressed—the classics are here to stay. The Hashians at CaliHash have been cultivating the art for over 15 years—so while it may not have really ever left in their eyes, the new brand on the block allows the masses to hear the good word about the slow-burning magic widely consumed around the world. While they’re also making prerolls, there’s nothing in my opinion better than some nice bubble hash sprinkled into your hand-roll—and I have to say, CH’s Strawberry & Cream is really a nice treat no matter what it’s mixed with!  

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of Next Level

Next Level Prerolls

Speaking of infused joints, this is a company I’ve been rocking with for awhile, but with increased consumption habits during this time at home, the heavy-hitting nature of these doobs has become a much bigger necessity—Next Level never fails to rock you in the best way. While I wouldn’t recommend these for the faint of heart or those who have to operate heavy machinery, they work for just about everyone else who is looking for a heavy buzz, especially heavy joint smokers. Not only that, but Next Level really crushes the flavor game without being overbearing or tasting too sweet, so it’s a great product for those who aren’t crazy about terp profiles, and would rather their Sunday morning joint tasted more like a Caramel Machiatto, for example. 

Courtesy of JFarmz Waffles & Syrup

JFarmz Waffles & Syrup extract

These days I find myself dabbling more into concentrates given the stress of the world and the impact of the dosage, but I haven’t been tremendously picky about WHICH extracts I was choosing—that is, until I found JFarmz Waffles & Syrup. This unique mixture of consistencies adds a new experience to the dabbing process – carefully selecting a dab that mixes the various textures in this cocktail isn’t what I would call a chore, but a sport. You might’ve seen people making crazy concentrate concoctions on our Instagram, like the Dab Pizza or Taco, but now JFarmz offers consumers across California the opportunity to get one of these sweet treats for themselves!

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of CLSICS

CLSICS joint packs

New to my radar but a quick favorite are all the varieties of the recently-launched brand CLSICS, especially the 4-packs. Featuring graphics from artist BB Bastidas, these prerolled joints have a rosin strip in the middle allowing for a heavy hit that’s full of flavor. Though fulfilling, they’ll certainly leave you craving more. Primarily in San Diego right now, I can foresee this brand quickly creating a state-wide name for itself. If you find yourself down South, it’s definitely worth stocking up.

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of FIELD

Airgraft w/ FIELD Pods

If you don’t know about the Airgraft device yet you’re sleeping on one of the most innovative ways to consume concentrates right now—maybe the FIELD collaboration will wake you up. While normal cartridge vape pens can often feel too light for a heavy smoker like myself, the Airgraft’s companion app lets you adjust the temperature and smoke flow—not only making for a much more enjoyable experience, but a much more intoxicating one as well. Besides the awesome functionality of the pen itself, the flavors provided by this new FIELD collab quickly made this my new favorite pen on the market. The Original ‘Z’ pod tastes just like you’re smoking Zkittles—and with the settings turned up will make you cough just as hard!

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops Of The Week #2
Courtesy of Deli

Nickels by Deli

I’m a big fan of gummies, and working at High Times I’m afforded the opportunity to try a lot of the new edibles on the market as they come out. While they’re all delicious, there are few that have me immediately texting my friends telling them about the new sweet spot. Coming out of Deli by Caliva, a brand I’ve come to love over the past few months, are the new Nickels—a low-cost high-powered edible treat that frankly tastes incredible. Similar to their cost-conscious flower products which provide all the impact of top shelf flower at a mid-tier price point, the Nickels stand up against the most expensive brands on the shelf without breaking your bank. Which in my world just means I just have more money to buy more Nickels!

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