Kevin Smith Bumps Into Daughter in Dispensary: ‘Someone Raised That Kid Right’

Kevin Smith ran into his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, during a random visit to a dispensary on Wednesday.
Kevin Smith
LOS ANGELES, USA. April 22, 2019: Kevin Smith; Harley Quinn Smith at the world premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame”. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash

Buying bud at the local dispensary is a family affair—that is, if you’re one of the Smiths. Filmmaker Kevin Smith, 51, ran into his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, 22, during a random visit to iLyfted cannabis dispensary in Studio City, California on Wednesday.

The Irish Examiner reports that the director and comedian was proud to run into his daughter, unplanned, at the same dispensary.

“When you’re at the weed store and you run into your kid,” Smith posted on his Instagram account. “Since Harley Quinn Smith got her own house, there have been moments when I ran into the kid by chance out in public. And tonight, after I ran into my only begotten daughter at the weed store, I was like ‘Someone raised that kid right’.”

Harley Quinn, who starred in The Cruel Summer, replied to the post by saying, “It was a surprise but also not a surprise at all.” Her reply rose to the top comment. Harley Quinn was of course named after the villain and lover of Joker in the Batman comic book series. Kevin also posted the selfie on Twitter and his other social media accounts.

Harley Quinn is currently working on a series with her father—but the details are under wraps at the moment. They discussed it during a recent interview last June. “It’s such a cool gift to be able to work with somebody you’re related to,” Harley Quinn told E! News in June. “We have pretty similar minds, so it’s kind of like you’re shooting with another version of yourself. It’s so much fun and we’re working on another thing together now which has been, in my opinion, the most fun yet, and I can’t wait for us to be able to share with the world what that is.”

“We’ve been writing together which is so much fun because that’s make pretend, right? Like I used to make pretend with her when she was a kid,” Kevin echoed. “Now she’s an adult and you rarely get to do that. But in this way we can, because it’s the same thing, you sit around going, ‘What if they did this, what if this happened, what if this happened?’ So you get to play again, which is a rare gift for a parent now.”

Smith’s career in Hollywood was boosted by a noticeably higher amount of stoner jokes, as the popular characters Jay and Silent Bob are notoriously known for selling weed outside a convenience store and for weed in general.

High Times ran into Smith on September 27, 2019, at the Herbarium in Los Angeles to promote his products in a collaboration with Caviar Gold. Like moon rocks but better, they feature powerful flower combined with an organic THC distillate and/or more, which provides for a very tasty smoke that you can grind up in a grinder like flower. The products also come in pre-rolls and in CBD/hemp varieties.

But Smith wasn’t always a heavy daily toker—or at least not until his mid-thirties.

Smith explained his smoking habits to High Times in May 2020—the most recent time he interviewed with us, which happens frequently. “I’ve been a pretty hardcore ‘wake and bake’ stoner since 2008,” Smith told High Times. “So 12 years. 12 years a stoner. I was not a stoner when I was a kid—when I made [my first] movies—which a lot of people consider stoner movies and stuff. Now I’m a pretty ardent consumer. We have our own strains of weed—Snoogans, Snoochie Boochies, and Berzerker—that Caviar Gold fuels for us. We’ve been on the cover of High Times. Big figures in the world of weed, but I didn’t earn it. I became a stoner late in life, at age 38.”

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