Kid Friendly Cannabis Dispensary Holds Epilepsy Awareness Support Group

Last Sunday was Purple Day.

On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of Epilepsy Awareness Day, a day to remember the three million people in the U.S. who live with the chronic disorder, many of whom are children.

This year for Epilepsy Awareness Day, a special event was held in Modesto, California.

Jayden’s Journey, the first kid friendly marijuana dispensary in the United States, held an Epilepsy Awareness Day support group.

Nearly 300 people gathered outside Jayden’s Journey on Sunday to talk about their successes in having found an alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat themselves or their children with Jayden’s Juice, a special blend of CBD formulated to treat even the most intractable strains of epilepsy, and especially adaptable for children.

A local Fox TV station showed the outside of Jayden’s Journey in northern Modesto, and you would not have been able to tell that inside children were receiving the CBD drops.

Other than the crowds, there were no obviously visible signs that it was an MMJ dispensary.

Inside, the room where products are sold is behind a closed door, while balloons, a photo-booth and even a bouncy house are all placed throughout the common area.

Many of the families traveled from out of town for the day.

The mother of one little boy from San Francisco, who had been taking the drops for four years, said her son went from taking 25 pills a day to five.

“Once we started him on CBD oil, we noticed a big difference right away, and we weaned him off of the pharmaceuticals,” the boy’s mother said.

Jayden’s Journey Dispensary

The dispensary and Jayden’s Juice was founded by two fathers, Mike Reynolds and Jason David, whose sons were suffering from hundreds of seizures a day and not receiving relief from traditional treatment.

Both men said that seeing their sons suffer is what drove them to try cannabis, and they have never looked back.

Now Reynolds and David run the Jayden’s Juice Company. They say people are reaching out to them from all over the world, some even moving closer to get the oil.

Jason David, president of Jayden’s Journey, calls the dispensary a medical health clinic rather than a pot shop.

“Yeah a lot of dispensary’s are dope dealers, but we are the hope healers because we are healing people that have lost hope,” said David, who also founded the support group. “Its not just seeing a person get better, it’s giving them hope because they have lost their hope.”

“What it does is called neuropsychophysiology, it makes the neurons flow back and forth and communicate,” David added. “There’s no other medication in the world that does that.”

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