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Latest Anti-Pot Attack: Stoned Dogs



With full legalization on the horizon in California, the largest state in the union, anti-pot forces are scraping the bottom of the bowl looking for angles.

The latest: Stoned and even poisoned pets.

San Francisco’s local CBS-TV affiliate just did a story ginning up a problem with pets, particularly dogs, gobbling up edibles.

Read the accompanying article closely and you see there’s not much there there. The reporter talks to two folks who ended up with sick dogs, each of whom, coincidentally, somehow found the marijuana outside somewhere.

The story cites two instances of dogs nationally supposedly eating cannabutter and dying—this in a country of some 70 million dogs. (We suspect there have been more instances of dogs dying while scuba-diving.)

The story ends on an ominous note:

Dr. Jandrey is getting ready to ramp up triage – and not just for dogs. “I really think that if we do pass proposition 64 we will see more dogs and cats intoxicated,” he said.

To its credit the actual broadcast includes a quick clip of a doctor saying, somewhat wearily, “It’s uncommon, but it’s possible.”

For the record, to the extent this is a problem, it’s not been brought on by the legalization of weed.

As HIGH TIMES has told you before, keep your edibles and your stash away from pets, just as you would any other thing in your house that isn’t good for them (chocolate for dogs, certain plants for cats).

And note that, with the normalization of marijuana, there will of course be better labeling and above-ground advice on how to bring it into your lives safely.

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