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Doctors To Federal Judge: War on Marijuana Is Unconstitutional

While federal forces of the American drug control have maintained for over four decades that marijuana is a Schedule I dangerous substance with no medicinal value, this sanctimonious scam continues to unravel more with each passing day. It is, for this reason, a group of doctors is scheduled in federal court this week to give their testimony on why the United States ban on marijuana is a violation of the constitution.

In the case of United States vs. Pickard, several medical professionals, including physicians Carl Hart, with Columbia University, Phillip Denny, and Greg Carter from St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, explained to to the high court on Monday that cannabis is not the Devil’s leaf that years of prohibition has brainwashed us into believing, and that it does not fit the criteria of a Schedule I drug.

“[I]t is my considered opinion that including marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act is counter to all the scientific evidence in a society that uses and values empirical evidence,” said Dr. Hart. “After two decades of intense scientific inquiry in this area, it has become apparent the current scheduling of cannabis has no footing in the realities of science and neurobiology.”

To counter attack the truth, the government is calling together a collection of naysayers to the stand, including Dr. Bertha Madras, who was the Deputy Director for Demand Reduction for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George W. Bush.

“Although more than 30% of current therapeutic drugs are plant-derived, no one currently eats or smokes foxglove plants to treat a heart condition, chews cinchona bark to alleviate malaria symptoms, or eats opium poppies to relieve post-surgical pain,” said Madras.

Regardless of the outcome, marijuana advocates say the fact that a federal magistrate is hearing this case is a giant leap forward. “This is the first time in recent memory that a federal judge has granted an evidentiary hearing on a motion challenging the statute which classifies cannabis to be one of the most dangerous illicit substances in the nation,” Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML told

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