Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

The marijuana laws in Canada will differ between provinces when the herb is legalized.
The World’s Biggest Wine Buyer Dips into Cannabis in Canada


Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

Legal age to buy cannabis: 19

Estimated price: $10 a gram (black market weed is around $8.64/gram in Ontario)

Public Smoking: Illegal, except for those with medical marijuana cards

To smoke cigarettes or marijuana in Ontario, you have to be 19 years old. Unless you have a medical marijuana card, you cannot smoke in public places, indoors or outdoors. This means that smoking will be limited to private residences.

If you have medical marijuana, you cannot smoke in enclosed public places, in cars, at work or in close proximity to children. Excluding these restrictions, marijuana cardholders can smoke publicly.

The Ontario government will regulate marijuana sales through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). Yet the LCBO won’t be responsible for selling cannabis. The province will also have online cannabis retail.

Ontario legislators are planning for 40 cannabis stores before the first day of legalization this summer. By next summer, they’ve calculated that there will be 80 cannabis retail locations, and 150 by 2020. Cannabis will be sold in separately from alcohol, unlike in some other provinces. Additionally, dispensaries cannot open near schools.

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