Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

The marijuana laws in Canada will differ between provinces when the herb is legalized.
The World’s Biggest Wine Buyer Dips into Cannabis in Canada


Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

Legal age to buy cannabis: 18

Estimated Price: Unknown

Public Smoking: Illegal or Limited

Alberta has a reputation for being Canada’s most conservative province. This comes across when you compare its proposed cannabis legislation to the marijuana laws in Canada’s other provinces.

Private retailers will sell marijuana in Alberta. Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will monitor who can sell cannabis and where. Dispensaries must be at least 100 meters from schools, hospitals and one another. Delivery to all parts of Alberta will be available at a flat rate.

Smoking outdoors is permitted … for now. Calgary, the capital of Alberta, is looking to ban outdoor marijuana smoking completely. This means that residents could only smoke in private residences. Coupled with marijuana bans from landlords, this could seriously curb legal smoking.

Other than Calgary, you can smoke weed outdoors within strict regulations. However, you can’t smoke in parks, playgrounds, sports facilities or in cars.

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