$2 Million Guerilla Grow Found in Texas

We all know that you’re not allowed to smoke weed on federal land, even in weed-legal states, but earlier this month an even bigger faux pas was found.

A Texas man discovered $2 million worth of marijuana plants growing in a back-woods area and, of course, called authorities.

ABC reports that when deputies arrived at the clearing, they discovered 5,500 marijuana plants with a street value of about $2 million. Those responsible for thegrowthw has cleared two acres and rigged up a homemade watering system.

“Primarily, the most impressive thing of it was that it was a pretty elaborate growing operation,” Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told ABC News today.

Deputies also found a camp set up with two tents where the growers were living off of canned goods, eggs and tortillas.

The growers have not been found and the weed? Well, it was taken into custody and “destroyed.”

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