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7 Habits to Adopt to Be a Better Pothead



Self-improvement in pot-smoking isn’t necessarily something marijuana users think about, but at High Times, we think it’s pretty important. That’s why we’ve been thinking about ways in which our readers can become even better potheads in 2015.

Read on to learn about habits you can adopt to get more potent hits, conserve your stash, get more enjoyment out of weed, and bolster the effort to legalize marijuana once and for all.

1. Stop being wasteful: Share the smoke with your significant other

Weed is damn expensive, so we should always be maximizing the potent effects of our pricey greenery. The way it’s done in the McBlunts household is that smoke from big hits gets blown back and forth between me and my S.O. That way, we don’t burn through our stash as fast, and we have extra cash available for primo munchies (or to upgrade my embarrassing wardrobe). Who doesn’t love smoky smooches in the name of savings?

2. Clean your glass once a month

Sure, your resinated glass pipes look super-cool with all the color filled in, but did you know that you’re probably burning through way more weed to achieve the same high as you’d get from a crystal-clear bowl? Make it a point to clean your glassware once a month, or whenever it starts to get gunky and black with resin. A secret to getting it squeaky clean? Rubbing alcohol.

Soak pipes in rubbing alcohol for at least 20 minutes, and more if your glass is especially caked up. Then, thoroughly rinse under hot water and wipe clean with a rag or paper towels. Use cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, and other supplies to get in hard-to-clean places.

Then, enjoy the unparalleled potency of a hit from a perfectly clean pipe, and realize you can no longer live a life that includes dirty, wasteful glass.

3. Always make it social

Smoking (or vaping) is an inherently social activity, at least that’s how it should be. When you spend too much time getting high alone, it has the potential to get, well, lonely. Let 2015 be the year that blazing solo becomes less of the norm, and start making a point to bulk up your cyphers by hollering at a few of your fellow smokers before sparking up that L you planned on doming.

4. Embrace sativa strains and get creative

Sativas are awesome for unleashing creativity, so start embracing these strains and letting your inner artist go to work. Get yourself nice and stoned, and break out the pencils and sketchbook, the musical instruments, or whatever artistic medium you prefer. Then sit back and let the magic happen. You never know where your creativity might lead you.

5. Vaporize more often

It’s well-known that vaporizers are better for your body than traditional smoking methods, so try putting down your lighter and using a home vaping unit or a vape pen instead. Your lungs will thank you.

6. Attend pro-marijuana legalization events

We’ve made more progress than ever before in 2014, so we must keep up the good work and let our voices be heard when it comes to reforming marijuana laws.

In 2015, make your presence felt at events going on in support of marijuana legalization around the country, whether for medical or recreational use. Without more people stepping up, the movement will lose momentum.

7. Change the perspective of one anti-marijuana supporter each month

If marijuana is going to become universally legalized, or at least made legal in all 50 states, weed-users are going to have to show the opposition why their perception of potheads is all wrong.

The only we can do that is to prove to them that people who use marijuana are just as smart, capable, kind, generous, and successful as those who don’t. If every High Times reader can convert one person per month, by the end of the year, we’ll have more people on our side than ever in recent history.

We’ll need plenty of patience, intelligence, wit, and especially empathy to do this, but just think about how cool it will be when everyone is free to blaze wherever and whenever they please.