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Culture High: The Riveting Truth Behind Marijuana Prohibition

If watching the trailer for The Culture High doesn’t put you on the edge of your seat, there’s not much that will. It features some of the foremost names in the marijuana legalization movement and is sure to land with a major impact when it hits theaters. Check out the trailer and be sure to check out the full film later this month:

About the film:

Journeying across the North American landscape, The Culture High is the riveting story that tears into the very fiber of modern day marijuana prohibition to reveal the truth behind the arguments and motives governing both those who support and oppose the existing pot laws. With budgets to fight the war reaching billions and arrests for simple possession sky rocking to nearly a million annually, the debate over marijuana’s legality has reached epic proportions. Utilizing the quirky yet profound nature of its predecessor, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, The Culture High raises the stakes with some of todays biggest names, unprecedented access to footage previously unobtainable, and incredibly moving testimonials from both sides of the spectrum. Top celebrities, former undercover agents, university professors and a slew of unforgettable characters from all points of view come together for an amusing yet insightful portrait of cannabis prohibition and the grasp it has on society as a whole. The Culture High will strip search the oddity of human nature and dare to ask the question: What exactly is going on here?

The film will premier is on Oct 11 and the public theatrical release is on Oct 17th.

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