DC Police Return Seized Marijuana to Residents

Police officers routinely seize drugs, but most aren’t in the habit of returning them. However, that’s changing in the District of Columbia.

A Special Order was distributed to DC police last week, specifying that residents are legally allowed to request any seized marijuana be returned to them.

“A person whose marijuana or marijuana-infused edible goods was seized… may seek the return of their property by visiting the station in the District where the marijuana was seized no sooner than 24 hours after the seizure,” the order outlined.

Recreational marijuana legalization went into effect last week in the nation’s capital, but police can still confiscate pot if the resident cannot show proof of age or is arrested for a separate offense. In return, people can legally ask for it back.

According to WAMU 88.5, one DC resident took advantage of this new policy on Monday.

Witnesses say he walked into the Sixth District police station in Ward 7 and told the officer on duty that he wanted his property back – especially, his weed.  After some initial confusion, the police officer obliged.

It’s easy to joke that it’s not every day police hand out marijuana, but that might actually become the case in DC.

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