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Health Canada: Destroy Banned Buds with Kitty Litter

Canada’s existing medical marijuana program will be phased out by April 1, 2014. After that, medical cannabis patients will no longer be allowed to grow their own pot. So what to do with the marijuana you’ve grown but haven’t had time to smoke?

According to the Canadian government, patients have until the end of March to destroy their homegrown cannabis – leaving it “unfit for use or consumption.” And Health Canada has a recommendation for accomplishing this: blend your pot with water and kitty litter to destroy your banned buds.

The department explains that water and kitty litter will mask the odor of your pot so you can simply toss it in household trash.

“The primary option is to break down the materials, mask the odor and dispose of it in the garbage,” a spokesman said.

Under Canada’s new medical pot program, only licensed cultivators will be allowed to grow. The officially grown medical pot will then be shipped to qualified patients. The current program’s thousands of home-growing patients will be in violation of the law if they do not destroy their plants by April 1.

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