Marijuana Advocates Send Cease & Desist Letters Over TV Ads

In an attempt to stymie Florida voters into casting ballots against the legalization of a statewide medical marijuana program in the upcoming election, an anti-marijuana coalition has been running a misleading television commercial claiming the approval of Amendment 2 means children will have access to weed without parental consent.

To combat the ignorance behind this smear campaign, medical marijuana advocacy group United for Care recently mailed a cease-and-desist letter to every TV station running the ad, demanding they refrain from broadcasting the 30 seconds of swill due to its deceptive suggestions.

Under federal law, the FCC must combat against broadcast advertisements that attempt to hoodwink the viewing or listening audience.

“The latest No on 2 advertisement showcases the ‘greatest hits’ of all the falsehoods medical marijuana opponents have perpetuated throughout the campaign,” said Ben Pollara, of United for Care. “If medical marijuana opponents want to try to scare Floridians and run a completely false advertisement, they will be held accountable.”

The ballsy commercial entitled “It’s Nuts” [see below] shows a series of actors damning Amendment 2 as simply a scheme to give stoners legal access to weed. “It’s not about compassion,” says one man. “It’s just about legalizing pot smoking.” The ad continues by claiming, “pot would be exempt from medical standards” and without “parental control.”

It is for this reason that United for Care has decided to stand up against the pot-hating community by demanding the broadcast media take responsibility for perpetuating negative claims. “By law, television broadcasters have a public obligation to refuse to run demonstrably false advertisements,” said Pollara. “We strongly believe that No on 2’s most recent ad violates this standard.”

“As the Florida Supreme Court has reaffirmed, Amendment 2 is only for patients with truly debilitating diseases or conditions,” he continued. “Absurdly, the No on 2 campaign pretends to care about our state’s constitution, yet they completely ignore the institution that is responsible for protecting it.”


Pollara says he has faith that Florida voters are intelligent enough to see through the fear mongering, which, ultimately, will lead to them casting a vote for compassion in next week’s election.

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