Marijuana Legalization Campaign Unveils St. Patrick’s Day Ad

On Monday, Massachusetts' Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which seeks to put the question of legalizing pot on the November ballot, launched its first major ad—a St. Patrick's Day-themed advertisement, which can be found on a digital billboard facing Seaport Boulevard in South Boston's Seaport District. 

The ad consists of three photos stacked on top of each other, a green-colored beer, a glass of whiskey and a green pot leaf with the word "Safer" hovering over it. 

According to Mass Live, the campaign chose the ad's placement based on its close proximity to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as the federal Moakley Courthouse. The ad will run through Sunday, March 20, which is the day that many of Massachusetts' elected officials—including legalization opponents Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh—will be at the convention center to attend the the annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast in South Boston.

"While folks are celebrating with a pint of green beer or a glass of whiskey, we want them to think about the fact that marijuana is an objectively less harmful substance," Will Luzier, campaign manager for the ballot initiative, said in a statement.

"Marijuana is less toxic than alcohol, it's less addictive, and it's far less likely to contribute to violent crimes and reckless behavior," Luzier added. "It simply doesn't make sense to have laws that allow the use of alcohol, yet punish adults who prefer a less harmful substance."

(Cover Image Courtesy of Weedist)

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