Nation’s Largest Legal Marijuana Giveaway Held in DC

The District of Columbia’s recent approval of Initiative 71 legalized marijuana for personal use at home, including growing up to 12 plants per household. However, it does not allow for the buying or selling of pot.

So, where do residents get seeds? Well, the District solved that problem on Thursday with the nation’s largest marijuana seed giveaway.

Over 1,300 people confirmed their attendance to pick up the free seeds, which were generously provided by about 50 different people who agreed to share, said Adam Eidinger, leader of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. He called the seed share “real legalization” because it’s not about making money or commercializing marijuana.

“It’s simply about the people who have been buying marijuana from the underground economy,” Eidinger told WTOP. “If they grow it, sometime later this year they won’t have to buy it anymore from the underground economy.”

Thousands of seeds were separated by genetic strands and packaged into bags of 10 to 20 seeds each. The bags were displayed on tables at the Libertine bar and restaurant in the capital. The Washington Post estimates that enough seeds were given away to produce up to 16,000 pot plants across D.C.

“It really does mark the conclusion of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. We’ve accomplished our goals,” Eidinger said.

The “massive public drug deal” saw zero protests and attracted little attention from officials. A second seed giveaway is planned for Saturday.

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