Put Michigan’s Legalization Initiative On The Ballot!

Help the MILegalize legalization ballot initiative campaign to victory in Michigan and stop the corrupted lawmakers and the corporate interests from taking over this new and dynamic industry! MILegalize is challenged with matching $100,000 in contributions for the month of October. We have a legitimate chance to bring in enough funding this month to practically assure making it to the ballot for the 2016 election! MILegalize ballot group has made it possible for Michigan and the nation to show how corrupted politicians and big money interests looking to control the new and dynamic cannabis industry can be stopped!

Because of another generous donation of a concerned citizen who does not want to see Michigan fall prey to crooked politicians and big money interests, we have a legitimate chance to bring in enough funding this month to practically assure making it to the ballot for the 2016 election!

The MILegalize campaign to legalize cannabis in Michigan in 2016 is entering the second half of the petition phase on pace and in position to make the ballot. We continue to need donations and volunteers to carry this most urgent and necessary policy change to victory and stop the oppressive legislators and big money interests from taking over! The citizens of Michigan do not have to swallow the “bitter pill” and allow greedy monopolists who know nothing about cannabis and who, until very recently,  supported the policies and politicians that have encouraged putting the same people in jail — that they hope to profit from — now!

The MILegalize approach creates a system for adults 21 and over to purchase cannabis commercially for personal use, and allows for the emerging hemp industry in Michigan to move forward, but, most importantly for many of the board members of the ballot group and the great and passionate volunteers, MILegalize is the only true protection for patients and for a medical program to remain in place.

The success of this historic grassroots campaign has been made possible by thousands of great volunteers from around the state and by small and large donations from the public and businesses that want a fair and competitive marketplace. Please go to the site, MILegalize.com and check out the MILegalize comprehensive approach to reform and donate, volunteer, see where the petition can be signed!

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