WATCH: Retired Cop Stars in Ad for Pot Legalization

The group behind a controversial marijuana legalization initiative in Ohio has released its first statewide advertisement—and the star of the ad is a retired Cincinnati police captain.

According to, Howard Rahtz, a former CPD captain, got involved in the 30-second advertisement because Ohio’s ban on marijuana is failing.

“I saw firsthand the effects of Ohio’s destructive marijuana laws. Simply put, they don’t work,” he said.

However, ResponsibleOhio’s contentious proposal does not have the support of everyone. The Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association reportedly voted unanimously to oppose the initiative, which would create pot industry exclusively dependent on 10 predetermined grow sites owned by financial backers of the amendment.

Just this month, the group secured the necessary signatures and had their proposal officially certified by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, awarding it a spot on Ohio’s ballot this November. According to Federal Communications Commission records, ResponsibleOhio has spent at least $240,000 in on-air advertising.

Check out their new ad, and read up on their effort below.

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