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Searching for a job is one of the most arduous tasks of adult life, and many find themselves bewildered when competing in the employers’ market that is the American hiring scene. There are more people than open job positions, so the hungry and ruthless always manage to win out while the mellow and enlightened are still trying to figure out how they can best benefit the world and themselves. That’s why the legal cannabis industry is such a boon for cannabis enthusiasts whose love for the plant goes beyond pure consumption. As legalization in America takes shape, there are all sorts of new job functions needed to keep various sectors of the industry afloat — farmers, cultivators, cooks, technicians, salespeople, etc. If you’ve got a cannabis-related skill, now is the time to make that clear on your resume.

WeedHire is the first app dedicated to connecting applicants with cannabis-related companies seeking their skills. Right now, the site is nowhere near the magnitude of major career sites, but as more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the legal cannabis job market grows, and so does the breadth of WeedHire. On this week’s Weed People, WeedHire CEO David Bernstein tells us about designing a jobs app for the country’s newest and biggest crop.

Describe your involvement with cannabis in all aspects, personal, professional, etc.

I have not been a consumer of cannabis since college but I have always been a supporter of responsible consumption as well as the medicinal benefits. I know many people with illnesses that can benefit and cannot understand why it is not available universally. We have made it our mission at WeedHire.com to help the legalization and industry as a whole to move forward. Our belief is that a qualified workforce entering legal cannabis will be the absolute answer to its acceptance as both a business and a medical/recreational option. WeedHire will be the gateway for employers and qualified employees to connect and grow their businesses and careers.  This we believe will make a difference in many people’s lives moving forward. We are already seeing results in that within just three months, WeedHire is now the #1 visited jobs website in the legal cannabis industry.

As both a technology company and a cannabis company, we are fortunate that we are not being impacted as much directly. One way we are impacted is that, as each state passes, the eventual marijuana jobs creation follows. It’s a very exciting evolution to witness from the WeedHire.com position.

What are some of the victories of state-level legalization in your area?

We are headquartered in New Jersey, right outside New York City, so we are seeing two very different paths toward state-level legalization. Seeing the trend in New York is very exciting. Our hope is that, within 18 months, there will be a defined program in place to assist those who are qualified and can receive access to the medication.

What are some of the failures of state-level legalization in your area?

In New Jersey, it’s no mystery that the state has struggled with regard to its program moving forward. Our hope is that, as the political landscape changes, so will the access to the plant.

Do you believe the federal government is making progress towards decriminalization or legalization?

Slowly. It’s gaining greater acceptance. Recent federal legislation to reduce interference with medical dispensaries is a step forward, but there is much more work to be done,

5-10 years

I am not sure it will ever be completely legal worldwide however global acceptance can be achieved within the next 15-20 years.  The rest of the world is watching closely how both Canada and the US administers its programs.

What is the biggest challenge facing legalization on a state level?

Perception. There is an ongoing need to educate the voters in these states. This education can highlight the benefits both economically via tax revenues and jobs creation as well as socially with understanding why cannabis should be available to responsible adults.

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