Lucy Drops Amanita Mushroom-Based Microdose Line

Mindful by Lucy is the other kind of shroom microdose you’ve been looking for.

The ancient use of mushrooms to improve physical and mental well-being is coming back full-swing. On Monday, Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. unveiled Mindful, a functional Amanita mushroom-based product line that is now available at multiple retailers. 

British Columbia, Canada-based Lucy Scientific Discovery is a psychedelics manufacturing company focused primarily on emerging psychotropics-based medicines, the latest being its new microdose product line. 

Mindful by Lucy is designed to enhance well-being and promote a mindful approach through the power of microdoses. Each capsule is carefully crafted, incorporating quality natural ingredients. Mindful by Lucy comes in jars of 60 capsules containing a microdose of Amanita muscaria-based compounds.

“We are thrilled that Mindful will be available to consumers, and are excited about the revenue potential,” said Chris McElvany, CEO of Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. “Our goal is to offer Mindful to consumers directly through our platform and a variety of 3rd party platforms and traditional retail channels. Mindful by Lucy is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional quality and a mindful approach to wellness.”

A recent renewed interest in the potential improvements in cognitive function and memory with the help of mushrooms is sweeping the industry, using them as adaptogens. Dividing up doses into capsules makes it easier to titrate. Mindful by Lucy contains ingredients, some mushroom-based, including the following:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Ignite cognitive function, memory, and nerve growth factor production.
  • Reishi Mushroom: Adapt to stress and bolster well-being with adaptogenic properties.
  • Cordyceps: Elevate energy levels and amplify physical performance.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Boost memory and learning with traditional Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Combat stress, fatigue, and sharpen mental performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Enhance memory and focus through optimal brain circulation.

Mindful by Lucy can be purchased on the company’s online store and through High Times has an ownership stake in Lucy Scientific Discovery.

Lucy Scientific Discovery and Psychotropic Products

Lucy Scientific Discovery has explored a number of psychotropic substances including controlled substances. How is this possible? The company holds a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License granted by Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances. Lucy Scientific Discovery and its subsidiary, LSDI Manufacturing Inc., operate under Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations promulgated under the Food and Drugs Act in Canada. This specialized license enables the company to develop, sell, deliver, and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in controlled substances as well as their raw material precursors. 

The Amanita muscaria mushroom has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and it is not a controlled substance in the U.S. Proponents of Amanita microdosing believe that it can improve creativity, focus, productivity, anxiety and overall well-being. 

The company is exploring other types of fungi as well, including mind-altering varieties that are commonly known. Work at Lucy is underway to develop psilocybin mushroom-based products which are believed to be invaluable in psychotherapy. Lucy Scientific Discovery announced a partnership with TheraPsil to advance medical psilocybin access and research.

Opportunities to discover these new products are approaching. Lucy Scientific Discovery also announced that it will be a sponsor at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Psychedelic Science Conference taking place June 19-25 in Denver, Colorado. 

The conference is expected to attract 10,000 attendees, and will feature five days of panels, workshops, and lectures from leaders in psychedelic research, education, policy, business, culture, and communities. It will also feature athletes such as Aaron Rodgers as well as musicians including Melissa Etheridge.

Lucy is a Nasdaq-listed (LSDI) licensed producer of compounds for medicinal products. Check out Lucy Scientific Discovery’s website to learn more about the company and its products.

  1. I swear I could sense something huge was reported here. It’s been hard on my eyes reading on a small phone for 3 years so I read less but I’m buying this product on your website. It’s happening! I will follow up. It’s all love 👍

  2. Made first High Times Lucy purchase today! I couldn’t find it on your site so I used buytrippy. I couldn’t wait but next time I’m using HT because that’s what I envisioned weeks ago. The future has arrived. High Times takeover! 😀

  3. I would love to read on your website waaaay more about micro dosing and what to expect. “What to expect” for beginners, and “What to expect” in the long run. And, some tips on how to consume it, what can enhance or deteriorate the experience. Please, waaay more info needed…. Thank You!

  4. Personally ordering the “Mindful by Lucy” through has been a complete nightmare. I ordered the product, it went through on PayPal. Waited a week and got no shipping instructions or status update. Finally reached out to the person “Adam L” through PayPal and was told to contact that individual. So I emailed Adam L and not more 2 seconds later I get an email back telling me the email address I entered doesn’t exist. Disrupted the purchase through PayPal and got my Money back. Don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but I’d be weary about ordering from a site that has no information, no contact information. Just a check out button seems a little sus. For all that did order and got nothing get in there and dispute that asap.

    1. We just had the exact same issue and had to take the same steps to get our money back. Definitely looking like a scam and I’m disappointed that High Times has provided an article with a link to a website where we can get scammed out of a product. Please listen to our warnings and either avoid the website or at least try to find any info on it beforehand.

      1. Did the same thing a week no reply.. Then got a shipping confirmation. just got em out of the mail boxx.. Just slow shipping im guessing. I even canceled the paypal payment as well.

  5. This is a scam!!! It’s not a real product, and getting a refund from PayPal is really difficult. 😭😭

    1. Yeah I recommend if you used a credit card to dispute it there or to contact PayPal with the screenshots of email not valid etc and they will refund you. That’s how I did it. Hope it works out for you.

  6. I just got my bottle today! Ordered through the link on this website. Yes, it took couple of weeks, but I got emails with updates. Not sure if I should take it with Atomoxetine 40mg?

  7. I want to take back my comment from earlier about it being a scam. It just took way too long for the company to send or update their customers about their purchases. This product is 100% legit. Suggestion for HighTimes and Lucy I’d suggest sending an email notifying customers that their preorders will be shipping soon or within a time period. Purchasing a product with no information on the site or anything to confirm just looks shady. I look forward to taking the Sleep ones soon to see if I notice a difference! So if you read my review above disregard it. THESE ARE LEGIT JUST TAKE A LONG TIME TO SHIP OUT.

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