Maine Poll: Legalization Ahead

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A new poll from the Portland Press Herald, the largest paper in the state, finds support for legalization far ahead of the opposition.

The poll says that 53 percent of Mainers support legalization, with 38 opposed and 10 percent undecided.

The measure, Question 1, is on the November ballot. It provides for adult use of marijuana and social clubs; for growing to be regulated by the state’s agriculture department, and personal possession of six plants.

From the story:

There have been relatively few publicly released polls on marijuana legalization in Maine. The 53 percent support in the Press Herald poll is similar to the 55 percent support identified in a March poll of statewide voters by Critical Insights in Portland. Yet support for legalization was at 65 percent in a spring 2015 poll conducted by Critical Insights, raising the prospect that some voters are taking a closer look at the issue now that the campaign is in full gear.

Maine adopted medical marijuana in 1999.

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  1. I have a rental property and I worry about having a tenant set up a grow op on the property.

    If marijuana is legalized, will legalization remove the economic incentive for non-commercial grow ops or will there still be a market for marijuana produced outside the new regulated commercial system by unregulated grow ops?

    1. Maine residents have been able to grow 35 plants per person up to 10 people I think since 2010 medically. Land lords can’t do anything about it. But it never really became a problem. I’m sure this will go the same way. Also under rec you can only grow up to 12 plants which isn’t much. If your worried about some one renting to set up a huge grow don’t worry that is still very ileagal. You shouldn’t have a problem.

        1. No problem. Plus most growers that rent usually ask the landlord first. I know here in MA you have to have written permission from the landlord or home owner before you can set up a personal medical grow.

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