Majority Of New York Voters Support Pot Legalization

To tackle the state’s massive deficit.
Majority Of New York Voters Support Pot Legalization

New York voters support pot legalization as the best way to address the state’s budget deficit, according to a new poll. Voters were given several other options but none of them were nearly as appealing to New Yorkers as legalization. The majority of voters opposed every option on the survey with the exception of legalizing weed.

The poll was conducted by Emerson College and commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation and the Drug Policy Alliance. Participants were asked to vote on which measures they supported for dealing with the state’s four billion dollar deficit. The options included increasing income tax, increasing sales tax, increasing highway/bridge tolls, cutting education/public service funds and finally legalizing and taxing marijuana for adults aged 21 or older.

One of the options that seemed to appeal to the most New Yorkers was legalizing marijuana. In fact, 62 percent of registered voters have shown their support while 28 percent oppose pot legalization. Every other option the poll offered to address budget issues was majorly opposed.

“It’s time New York stop wasting resources punishing otherwise law-abiding residents for using a substance that is safer than alcohol. Let your lawmakers know voters want them to take marijuana off of the criminal market, so we can create good jobs, build the economy, and fund essential services,” MPP said in a statement on their blog.

All political affiliations were more in favor of legalizing marijuana. Independents showed the most support with 71 percent of them in favor. 63 percent of Democrats and even 53 percent of Republicans supported the legalization of cannabis.

According to the survey, “there was no significant difference in support or opposition based on gender identity or ethnicity.

The survey showed that the younger you were the more likely you were to support legalization. 74 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds were in favor of legalization. 65 percent of people ages 35 to 54 support legalization. 56 percent of 55 to 74-year-olds believe legalization should happen. The majority of every age group was in support of legalization with the exception of people ages 75 and over who were only 37 percent in favor.

Final Hit: New York Voters Support Pot Legalization

Majority Of New York Voters Support Pot Legalization

New Yorkers aren’t satisfied with their medical marijuana program alone. It’s been made clear that the vast majority of New York voters support pot legalization. As long as it remains illegal at the state level, New York may have to make cuts or take money out of taxpayers pockets to address the deficit. If you are a New York resident, you can write a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers about legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana in the state.

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