Marijuana Found Growing Behind Nashville Walmart

weed behind walmart
Photo Courtesy of NewsChannel 5.

There are those industry insiders who believe that it is just a matter of time before the stoner nation is able to purchase cannabis plants from the lawn & garden department down at the local Walmart, but some ambitious entrepreneurs in Tennessee are apparently already working to bring this concept to fruition—planting a small pot operation out behind one of Sam Walton’s Nashville locations.

A report from News Channel 5 indicates that a work crew was at the back of a Walmart off Dickerson Pike in Music City, when they stumbled onto four marijuana plants growing in a wooded area. Interestingly, none of the workers were able to positively identify the plants as marijuana, and it wasn’t until after they called in a security guard—a former cop—that it was confirmed they were standing at the site of the first Walmart Stonerstore.

It wasn’t long before a number of officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department were in high flight to the scene. According to the report, the cops actually pulled in an eradication detail to sweep the area, but at the end of the day, the tax dollars of Nashville citizens went to waste, with officers only walking away with the four plants that were originally discovered.

Some of the Walmart workers told police that they have seen kids in the back lot where the marijuana was found, but police were unable to determine who was responsible for the pot garden.

This is good news for the green thumb behind the operation because, had he or she been made, prosecutors could have gone for the jugular with felony manufacturing changes, offering a less than pleasant stay in prison for the next six years.

In states like Colorado, where marijuana has been made legal, state law allows people to grow up to six plants for personal use. It is rare to see weed being grown out behind department stores.

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