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Marijuana Myth Exposed: Man Not Hurt Trying to Show Off ‘Scuba Bong’

Photo by Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images

BOSTON (AP) — A story shared on social media that claims a Boston man lost his testicles in an explosion while trying to fill a scuba tank with marijuana smoke is false.

The story shared by the Boston Leader website describes an incident on Sept. 15 in which a 27-year-old man was demonstrating a “scuba bong” for his friends when it exploded.

Boston police spokeswoman Officer Rachel McGuire says no such incidents were reported to them on that day.

An image accompanying the story of the supposed victim being taken into an ambulance by emergency personnel is from a 2010 Boston Globe article about an unrelated incident.

The website shared a story about the same incident taking place in Calgary, Alberta, last year involving a man with a different name and age. But Calgary police Constable Riley Babott tells The Associated Press they’ve had “no such complaints” made to them in the last five years.

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