Are Marijuana Vending Machines Coming To California?

Marijuana vending machines are the future…. and the present.
Are Marijuana Vending Machines Coming To California?

In any growing industry accessibility is the name of the game. And in the ever-expanding cannabis market, accessibility and convenience are paramount. In fact, they have become two of the prodigious factors in the retail sector of the business. Just like grabbing a Coca-Cola or your favorite bag of junk food, marijuana is now just as easy to grab. And it’s all thanks to one innovative system of vending machines. Yes, marijuana vending machines are coming to California, and users should be enthralled. Here’s the latest scoop in the world of legal cannabis business.

Marijuana Vending Machines Making Waves

Grasshopper Kiosks, the pioneer in weed-vending technology, has introduced a  self-service machine for the storage and dispensing of cannabis products, in Berkeley Patients Group (BPG), one of the country’s most well known operating marijuana dispensary. The elaborate vending system gives customers the chances to conveniently buy a bevy of pot-products such as edibles, pre-rolled joints and CBD vape cartridges. It almost sounds too good to be true!

This new technology comes with many benefits, for both the consumers and distributors. One of the more attractive benefits includes speedy transaction times. The technology also features an inventory tracking system and a data collection feature. These features facilitate both ends of the marketing process for buyers and cannabis business owners. The machines sell their cannabis products from a climate-controlled, storage and dispensing system.  Additionally, the system includes a ‘Fastline Checkout’. This gives customers the opportunity to purchase the company’s most popular items in an efficient and timely manner.

Ron Christensen, the  Grasshopper Kiosks Vice President, lauded the new technology and believes it will be beneficial to both customers and employees alike.

“The system has been purposefully designed for cannabis dispensaries, and can be utilized to accommodate and support a variety of business needs,” said Christensen. “For instance, the system can be configured to handle only medical or only adult-use products, and will keep track of those transactions separately for regulatory and taxation purposes. In this manner, the Grasshopper system not only streamlines transactions for customers, but also reduces paperwork and inventory challenges for employees.”

Final Hit: Marijuana Vending Machines Coming To California

Berkeley Patients Group became one of the first dispensaries in California to vendor recreational cannabis upon its January 1st inception. And the Grasshopper Kiosks played a large role in the flourishing sales.

“We recorded over 70 transactions on the system on its first day,” said Sean Luse, COO at Berkeley Patients Group. “We appreciate having a tool that not only helps customers conduct transactions quickly and easily, but also provides us with excellent data and revenue reports.”

Grasshopper Kiosks CEO, Martin Kaufman, believes his company’s marijuana vending machines will have a profound impact on the burgeoning cannabis industry.

“We are excited to be changing the landscape of this new $7 billion legal industry with accomplished peers like the people at Berkeley Patients Group,” said Kaufman,  “One of our top priorities is working with dispensaries to help them create a brand distinction in the market with a tool that enhances the customer experience and protects regulatory compliance.”

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  1. Good article. My question when can one invest in acquiring vending machines out to small businesses ie gas stations, bars, movie theaters etc? Can i purchase machines that were made for snacks but now serve edibles or medical marijuana?

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