Martha Stewart Launches CBD Wellness Topicals Line

Target specific areas topically with Martha Stewart’s new line designed for muscle recovery, sleep and stress management.
Photo courtesy of Canopy Growth and Martha Stewart.

Today, Martha Stewart CBD unveiled Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals—the company’s first venture into the topical market. In 2020, Stewart launched the company under the Canopy Growth umbrella, with high expectations.

Stewart’s brand already sells gummies, oils and softgels infused with full-spectrum CBD, before launching the new CBD Wellness Topicals. The new topical products have specific applications for different results, including Super Strength CBD Cream designed for muscle recovery, Sleep Science CBD Cream designed for better sleep and Daily De-Stress CBD Cream designed for stress management. The CBD skin care market was projected to hit $1.7 billion by 2025, according to Million Insights.

The formulas were created by Stewart in partnership with Marquee Brands and Canopy Growth Corporation. The company doesn’t skimp on the active ingredients, providing “market-leading levels of CBD,” along with co-actives and proven-to-work aroma-technology formulated specifically for each need.

Vice President of Skincare & Topicals at Canopy Growth, Dr. Anna Persaud, says the topical line is great for the CBD-curious, especially if they have a specific goal. “We worked with Martha to create products that improve daily wellbeing in specific ways, addressing muscle recovery, sleep support and stress management, and with proven to work formulas featuring market leading levels of CBD, the line offers the perfect starting point for anyone new to CBD,” Persaud told High Times.

Stewart believes that most problems at home have simple, yet effective solutions—including when it comes to skincare.

“I believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions, which is why I created this line of CBD Wellness Topicals with the Canopy Growth team,” stated Stewart. “I am thrilled to help improve our customers’ daily lives through proven formulations that make wellness accessible and convenient, with offerings that address muscle discomfort, sleep deprivation, and stress.”

Using full-spectrum CBD, combined with other co-actives and aromas, you’re more likely to see results versus CBD-only products. Generally speaking, full-spectrum CBD products contain multiple cannabis plant extracts, including essential oils, terpenes and other compounds.

“I believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions, which is why I created this line of CBD Wellness Topicals with the Canopy Growth team.” – Martha Stewart

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the way CBD products are regulated, and it didn’t take long for the hemp-derived CBD industry to take off. Stewart’s team waited patiently for the laws to unfurl at the federal level.

Stewart solidified her audience long ago. For decades, young, crafty homemakers followed Stewart’s advice—almost religiously. “While the company she founded continues to thrive,” the Academy of Achievement writes, “Martha Stewart has had more influence on how Americans eat, entertain, and decorate their homes and gardens than any one person in our history.”

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals are formulated with US-derived broad-spectrum CBD, with competitive levels of CBD and competitive price-per-mg of CBD, versus competitors. The products will be available for purchase in 20mL, 50mL and 150mL sizes.

Below is a rundown of the new products that are available:

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals

Super Strength CBD Cream for muscle recovery, featuring powerful co-actives, including magnesium and ginger.

  • 150 mL (7500 mg CBD) – $99.99
  • 50 mL (2500 mg CBD) – $44.99
  • 20 mL (1000 mg CBD) – $24.99

Sleep Science CBD Cream for better sleep, featuring aroma-technology essential oils, including lavender and vetiver.

  • 150 mL (3000 mg CBD) – $89.99
  • 50 mL (1000 mg CBD) – $39.99
  •  20 mL (400 mg CBD) – $19.99
Martha Stewart CBD Daily De-Stress Cream. Photo courtesy of Canopy Growth.

Daily De-Stress CBD Cream for stress management, featuring aroma-technology essential oils, including neroli and ho wood.

  • 150 mL (4500 mg CBD) – $79.99
  • 50 mL (1500 mg CBD) – $34.99
  • 20 mL (600 mg CBD) – $19.99
  1. Why do we make celebrities wealthier by them doing nothing. I love Snoop Dogg but why is he commentating UFC freaking stoopid dude…….oh yeah back to my point…..if this CBD cream isnt sold next to the weed thats in the cream……i dont want it. End up with a breaking out with weird rash or something.

  2. I already freakout about bugs and mold in my dabs…….as long as they dont use pesticides on the cannabis theybare extracting for a skin cream. Sounds like a legit product. K

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