Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down After Owner Was Caught Selling Meth

The Left Handed Okies dispensary in Spiro is now closed for business due to the owner selling meth on the grounds.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down After Owner Was Caught Selling Meth

An Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary has been shut down after the owner of the shop was arrested on Wednesday for selling meth. Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) arrested Jeffrey Peregrino, 38, the owner of the Left Handed Okies medical marijuana dispensary in Spiro, Oklahoma, who faces two counts of trafficking methamphetamine, according to a spokesman for the law enforcement agency.

“On two separate occasions, our undercover agents have recently purchased meth from the owner of ‘Left Handed Okies’ dispensary in Spiro. Both of the transactions took place inside the dispensary office,” said Mark Woodward, an OBN spokesman.

Authorities also issued an emergency suspension order to halt sales at the medical marijuana dispensary and confiscated the cannabis products that were on the premises.

Coty Jerrell, the owner of a Left Handed Okies dispensary in Shady Point, Oklahoma, told reporters that the two businesses are not related. He also said that he owns the rights to the name and plans to pull the moniker from the Spiro location as soon as he can. Jerrell emphasized that he does not approve of the use of meth and even some prescription drugs and believes that the medicinal use of cannabis is often a better alternative.

“‘Left Handed Okies in Shady Point is 120% against any kind of methamphetamine or opioids; the reason why we got into this industry is to fight this epidemic,” he said.

Peregrino was taken into custody by law enforcement officers and booked into the LeFlore County Jail on Wednesday afternoon. The OBN was assisted in the investigation by the LeFlore County District Attorney’s Office and the District 16 Drug Task Force.

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Oklahoma Last Year

The medicinal use of marijuana was legalized by Oklahoma voters in 2018 with the passage of State Question 788. The constitutional amendment was passed by a margin of 56% to 43% in a statewide election in June. Over 140,000 patients have already been approved to use medical marijuana and nearly 6,000 licenses for cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries had been issued by state regulators as of July 1.

On Monday, High Times announced that it is teaming up with cannabis dispensary and meditation lounge APCO MED for Oklahoma’s first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup. The festival of all things marijuana and competition to honor the state’s best cannabis products will take place on August 24 and 25 in Oklahoma City at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater.

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