Michigan Launches High Times Black Label Products

Cannabis aficionados in the state of Michigan are now able to purchase High Times Black Label products at participating locations.

Michigan, get ready! High Times Black and Red Label products have arrived. In Michigan, smokers can now purchase High Times’ very own vapes. The company’s first batch of vapes are one gram of pure elation. There are seven strains to ensure a quality time of kicking back and relaxing. 

Each strain varies in potency, but across the board, they’re consistent in effectiveness. High Times Black Label cartridges are packed with premium live resin, which preserves the cannabis-derived terpenes. As for the Red Label vapes, they’re all about 10 percent higher in THC. The vapes are debuting exclusively across the state of Michigan in 22 stores, with delivery often available. 

The strains come courtesy of some of the state’s finest growers, given that High Times wants to give Michigan’s residents some unforgettable highs. “With the ease of our portable vapes, Michigan can sit back, relax and enjoy the high,” said Peter Horvath, High Times Chief Executive Officer.

“Catering to both new consumers and the life-long evangelists, our Black and Red Labels were designed to offer the best the cannabis landscape has to offer at an affordable price. At High Times, we believe everyone deserves access to the best cannabis products in order to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life.”

The Black Label is represented by Super Lemon Haze (79.7 percent THC), LA Kush Cake (73.8 percent THC) and Animal Mintz (73.7 percent THC), which are preserved in live resin form. The Red Label features sativa varieties, such as Morning Mimosa (88.1 percent THC) and Sour Strawberry Mist (79.9 percent THC). Plus, if a smoker isn’t into Sativa, there’s a hybrid, Original Chem (87.7 percent THC), and a powerful Indica, named Fire Cookie (84 percent THC)

Fire Cookie is the perfect strain to hit shortly before bedtime. Tolerance varies, of course, but two minimal hits of the compact and durable vape does the trick. It puts the mind and body completely at ease. It’s an indica-dominant strain that combines GSC and Fire OG, known best for an easygoing sense of euphoria. Not overwhelming, it hits just right. A hit of Fire Cookie is recommended not only for a night of rest, but to treat stress, physical pain and, in some cases, fatigue. 

Another Red Label favorite is OG Chem, which is a cross between Chemdawg and the iconic indica, OG Kush. With high-potency OG Kush in the mix, a single hit or two of the oil gets the mind and creativity racing without going into overdrive. It’s a strain known for enhancing creativity, and for good reason. If it’s arts and crafts time, OG Chem lets you relax to create with more ease. 

Michigan Red Label Offerings

As for the other two Red Label offerings, Morning Mimosa and Sour Strawberry Mist, both live up to their names. Sour Strawberry Mist is especially tasty. It has a sweetness to it, both in taste and effect. It’s a challenge to put this particular strain away just because it tastes and smells so damn good. Even though it’s a sativa, it has a slightly more mellowing effect. It’s potent, but at the same time, it’s nice and light. One hit of Strawberry Mist will put more pep in a smoker’s step. It’s one gram of pure joy. 

Morning Mimosa is more of a calm and steady experience. It’ll relieve anxiety, so it keeps a smoker grounded with their thoughts, pleasant or not. Imagine a still ocean of mimosa; that’s this strain in an oddball nutshell. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the kind of image conjured when you smoke and think of Morning Mimosa. A sensation of stillness is the highlight of this strain. If anyone is seeking a hit of peacefulness for the day or night, Morning Mimosa is up to the task. 

LA Kush Cake, a blend of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, is an indica in the Black Label Group with a similarly desirable effect as Morning Mimosa. It’s a serene high. If a smoker is off the clock and wants to unreel, LA Kush Cake gets the job more than done. Plus, it features a hint of vanilla. It’s subtle, as is the LA Kush Cake vape in general. 

Now, if a smoker is in search of strains to pick up the pace in their day, The Black Label is it. It doesn’t take long after a hit of Super Lemon Haze for a smile to erupt. Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk join forces for the sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain hails from the Netherlands and was originally bred by the award-winning Green House Seed Co. As for the Super Lemon Haze vape, it is a no-joke pick-me-up. Energy levels rise as fast as the oil hits. The taste and smell is low-key sweet. It’s a recommendation for a gathering or a pleasant conversation. 

Last but not least in the pack is another addition to The Black Label repertoire, Animal Mintz. It’s another hybrid, mixing together the likes of Fire OG, Animal Cookies, and The Mint Cookies. It’s a true hybrid with the best of both worlds. Physically, it creates a restful state. Mentally, it gets the mind moving and ready to work. Animal Mintz can work wonders for a relaxing night in or an active day out. For a run, a hike, or a day at the beach, this hybrid can help a productive or physical day of activity. Once the high wears off, though, it’s best to hit the hay.

These oils can cater to a variety of smokers, but they all manage to accomplish the same effect at the end of the day. A potent high, of course. There’s a bit of something for everyone, though. Red and Black Label vapes meet the needs of every smoker imaginable. 

  1. I tried black label live resin super lemon haze and black label Mac 1.. And I have to say they both top shelve..Picked it up at The Station in Vassar

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