Montel Williams Sues Weed Companies

Breaking news: Montel Williams sues weed companies. The complaint? Using his name to falsely endorse and legitimize their CBD oils.
Montel Williams Sues Weed Companies

According to his public relations representative, Montel Williams sues weed companies. The lawsuit alleges that Williams’ name and likeness to make false claims that he endorsed their medical cannabis products. But why did these companies target Montel Williams? And what else are these companies guilty of? Here’s what we know so far.

The Lawsuit

Montel Williams Sues Weed Companies

Representatives of Montel Williams have released a report with the story that Montel Williams sues weed companies. The lawsuit is against several companies. Williams, as well as his legal team, alleges that the companies used his likeness and name to fraudulently endorse their medical cannabis products. For Williams, this matter is deeply personal. He treats his multiple sclerosis with medical cannabis. Furthermore, he is a vocal advocate for medical cannabis and supports nationwide legalization, albeit hesitantly.

According to the suit, the companies in question are complete scams. The lawsuit claims that the companies used content from an article from Forbes about Williams’ medical cannabis advocacy to bolster false claims that Williams endorsed their products. Additionally, the plagiarized content and misappropriation of Williams’ name and likeness were used to entice consumers to buy their product–CBD oil. But here’s where things get worse. The lawsuit details that the companies lured in consumers with a “free trial”. But really, the companies trapped the consumers into automatic monthly payments taken directly from their credit cards. The companies did not offer any clear way to cancel the payments.

The Implications

Montel Williams Sues Weed Companies

Montel Williams did the right thing by suing these companies. Not only was he well within his rights to sue them using his name and likeness without authorization. He may have had a moral obligation to bring these companies down. The people leading these companies are nothing more than scam artists.

According to a spokesperson for Montel Williams, Jonathan Franks, witnesses for the plaintiff included veterans, seniors and people with chronic illnesses. There is also no clear evidence that the product that the companies were selling–hemp-derived CBD oil–was even legitimate.

This means that the companies didn’t just steal money from vulnerable populations. They may have also sold them ineffective products masquerading as medicine. Since CBD oil actually does have therapeutic value that has been studied and verified, this fraud is particularly repugnant.

Final Hit: Montel Williams Sues Weed Companies

Two years ago at the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo, Montel Williams spoke highly of the therapeutic value of medical cannabis. He also called into question the medicinal quality of home-grown weed. It seems that for Williams, the quality of cannabis and cannabis products is everything. The fraudulent appropriation of his name, especially in the context of medical cannabis, is an egregious violation.

Of the scams, Franks spoke with conviction and determination. “This was the deliberate theft of Mr. Williams’ name and reputation to weaponize it against sick people,” he said. He emphasized that the lawsuit is not about financial gain. Rather, it is meant to hold the scam artists accountable for their actions and to prevent them from continuing their fraudulent practices.

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