New Coalition Fights to Keep the Weed Strong in Colorado

While a band of anti-pot crusaders work to cripple the Colorado cannabis industry with a proposed ballot measure that would render most of the state’s recreational products illegal, a well-funded super group, of sorts, has emerged from out of nowhere to unleash a vicious assault, of its own, that ensures the industry remains intact.

A report from the Cannabist indicates that a newly formed organization called the Colorado Health Research Council (CHRC) has officially launched a campaign aimed at preventing the passage of Amendment 139—a proposed ballot measure seeking to impose a 16 percent THC-cap on all marijuana products sold throughout the state of Colorado. It would also force the application of warning labels that claim marijuana causes negative health consequences, including “permanent loss of brain abilities.”

It was revealed last month that supporters of Amendment 139 were moving forward with a campaign that threatens to cut Colorado’s recreational cannabis market off at the neck. The initiative, which was brought forth by the Healthy Colorado Coalition, proposes a limit on THC that is beneath the current average of 17 percent, which some predict has the potential to outlaw nearly 80 percent of the state’s cannabis products.

However, the CHRC, which is “a coalition of cannabis patients, caregivers, scientists, cannabis industry leaders, the business community and ordinary citizens,” according to the group’s website, seems to have the financial muscle to go up against Amendment 139 head on. So far, the organization has raised over $300,000 to combat the initiative, and it will likely generate additional donations, as more members of Colorado’s cannabis trade get involved.

Supporters of Amendment 139 admit their campaign does not have the same kind of financial backing, but they still feel confident that the voters—presumably the same ones that decided to legalize weed in the first place—will make the decision to impose “reasonable controls” on the industry if the initiative finds its way to the ballot.

Nevertheless, it appears the battle over whether Colorado will continue to sell strong weed is about to get interesting. Not only does the CHRC plan to do everything in its power to thwart the intentions of Amendment 139, but the group also appears to be loading up to take on other anti-pot initiatives that might threaten the cannabis industry in the future.

“Oppose 2015-2016 initiative #139 regarding regulation of the sale of marijuana and marijuana products as well as any other ballot issues intended to limit access to marijuana or marijuana products,” reads the CHRC’s committee registration form.

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