New Jersey Cop Busted for Selling Pot

Linden, New Jersey appears to have some trouble keeping their officers in line. On Thursday, Linden Police Sergeant William F. Turbett III, 30, was charged with marijuana distribution and possession after a search of his home reportedly uncovered a “small amount of marijuana.” Turbett III had already been suspended without pay for an unrelated matter, the nature of which is not clear. He could face up to 18 months in prison for the crime. His father is a captain in the same police department.

While speaking with Turbett III’s neighbors, WABC made a strange discovery: “No one was home when Eyewitness News stopped by earlier, but the house was covered in Christmas decorations.” 

Less than two years ago, another Linden cop was driving drunk when he went the wrong way on the Staten Island Expressway and hit a tractor trailer head-on, causing a crash that killed two people. 

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