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No, Malia Obama Was Not Fired by the U.S. Embassy in Spain for Smoking Weed

Barack Obama Malia Obama Air Force One
Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Don’t the anti-Obama racists ever get tired of bashing the former First Family? It seems not.

The latest lie to hit cyberspace is that Malia Obama had gotten fired from her internship at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, unceremoniously escorted out and sent home.

Although it was widely reposted and shared on social media as if factual, the report is entirely fictitious, confirms Snopes.

In fact, if memory and sanity serve, which both still does for many of us—Malia Obama interned at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid last summer (2016), not this year, and she was certainly not fired.

This round of “fake news” is being spread by one truly gross website known as Freedom Crossroads—America Love It or Leave It, and I do mean gross, no exaggeration.

The site reported that Malia was caught “burning a doobie” on the roof of the U.S. Embassy building in Madrid while playing with the ambassador’s carrier pigeons.

But, hey, who’s fact-checking these rabid news sites for accuracy so long as they bash the Obamas while keeping their readers informed on the latest toenail fungus and lice treatments, breast implants, human remains found on Bill and Hillary’s property, Democratic senators led away in handcuffs, Sarah Palin thwarting Muslim attackers and Fox News’ Hannity destroying every Libtard on God’s planet?  Actually, that last one might be true.

This summer, Malia, who turned 19 on July 4, traveled with her family to Bali and Jakarta and is continuing an internship at the Weinstein Company movie studio, which she began in the spring.

In April 2017, another pro-Trump site, The Last Line of Defense, published an article that Malia had been expelled from Harvard for a drug violation. Odd since she hasn’t yet started.

Apart from being gross, manipulative and purveyors of the worst kinds of lies, sadly these website have their vulnerable, uninformed followers who believe them.

How else does one explain the election of and support for, although quickly waning, the current president who is running the White House and our country like a narcissistic mafia capo?

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