North Dakota Passes Medical Marijuana

With nothing else to do, I drove around the Northern Plains with a bag of colas looking for photo ops. This fence post and the vista beyond were more than accommodating.

North Dakota has voted to allow medical marijuana, early results show. Despite a tiny campaign with under $6000 in cash to play with, voters decided to give medical marijuana a limited try, by a large margin.

It’s a striking example of how acceptance of marijuana is coursing through the country.

Why? Because North Dakota is the worst. Bismarck and Fargo might be nice places to live—though judging by the latter’s place in American television and cinema, we aren’t necessary enthused to visit—but it is no place for cannabis. North Dakota has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the country, like the one where a single joint can run you $2,000 and a year in prison.

With states like California and even Colorado gearing up for billion-dollar cannabis industries, Initiated Statutory Measure 5 seems almost embarrassingly modest. But against a backdrop like the one described above, allowing qualified medical cannabis patients three ounces, purchased from a licensed facility—or grown at home via a maximum of eight plants, if the patient is 40 miles from a dispensary—is downright radical.

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