NYC 4/20 Party Busted Over Social Distancing Rules

The party was in flagrant violation of social distancing rules and cannabis laws.
NYC 4/20 Party Busted Over Social Distancing Rules

A 4/20 party in New York City was shut down on Monday by police, who issued dozens of citations to revelers celebrating the cannabis community’s high holiday. Officers were tipped off to the party on the third floor of a Manhattan commercial building by a concerned citizen, a senior NYPD official told NBC News.

After being flagged down by the citizen, officers investigated the report because of a statewide order that bans large gatherings and requires New Yorkers to maintain social distancing protocols. After entering the building and reaching the third floor, police discovered approximately 40 people, who had reportedly gathered for a 4/20 party hosted by cannabis edibles company Ganja Pigs. Police also found a duffel bag that contained marijuana flower, as well as cannabis edibles, other THC products, and paraphernalia. Attempts to reach Ganja Pigs for comment via social media have not yet been successful.

Police officers issued summonses to appear in court to a total of 38 people. Five more citations for charges related to cannabis were given to partygoers. Two of the people at the party were taken into custody for existing warrants for failure to appear in court in relation to non-violent offenses. Another was taken to police officers in Brooklyn in connection with an ongoing burglary investigation.

Partying During A Pandemic

Monday’s 4/20 party wasn’t the only large gathering to be shut down by New York City police officers in recent days. On Saturday evening, police were called to investigate what they originally believed to be a video shoot with dozens of people in attendance at a storefront in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn. Upon further investigation, however, officers discovered that the gathering was actually connected to gambling. Police made two arrests at the party and issued summons to at least 60 people.

Both the 4/20 celebration and the gambling party violated the “New York State on Pause” order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 22 to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. The order bans parties and other non-essential gatherings. Violators who are cited by police face substantial fines.

Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have expressed concern that as the stay-at-home order extends into its second month and the weather warms, residents will begin to ignore social distancing guidelines and begin gathering again. De Blasio called on New Yorkers to notify the authorities of violations they encounter.

“I don’t like that New Yorkers will have to call in reports… but it does have to happen,” de Blasio said Sunday morning. “If we don’t follow the rules, the elderly will suffer. We are supposed to love and honor them, but they will be in danger.”

  1. This is what our society has become. We are a society that calls the cops on everyone and everything. Whatever you think about this virus, consenting adults should have the freedom to congregate. These events are peaceful, nonviolent and everyone has a wonderful time. As usual the only things to ruin it, are snitches and the fucking NYPD. Hey NYPD, where’s Ghilslaine Maxwell? What happened to Jeffrey Epstein? What was on Anthony Wieners computer that got so many people silenced?

    Why not instead of harassing a bunch of good people ingesting a plant, why not go get to the bottom of real crimes…

    1. You’re a clown.

      I don’t care if it’s church on Easter or an office building on 420. This is not the time or the place to have group gatherings indoors, or out, for that matter. It is not just some recommendation, it’s the law and it has been for over a month in NYC, which, coincidentally, is the hardest hit place on the entire effing planet by this virus.

      This isn’t about YOUR rights or YOUR freedom. This is about OUR health and OUR lives. I’m sorry you don’t have the capacity to understand that but maybe when you’ve got friends, family and neighbors dying, you’ll get that this is serious. Im not wishing that you or someone you know gets sick or dies, I’m just curious what, before that, will get you to understand the gravity of this moment.

      People who make news like this and make absurd statements like yours give this entire community of people who enjoy and need cannabis a bad name. They and you should be ashamed.

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