Oregon’s Recreational Pot Market Expands to Edibles and Extracts

Photo by Lochfoot

On Thursday, Oregon will continue the gradual rollout of its recreational marijuana program by legalizing the sale of marijuana edibles and extracts.

According to OregonLive.com, medical marijuana dispensaries will now be able to sell marijuana-infused edibles, extracts and non-psychoactive topicals—in addition to a limited amount of cannabis flowers, seeds and plants—to anyone 21 years or older. As for recreational shops, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is currently in the process of licensing producers and is expected to green-light recreational pot shops later this year.

Oregon law maintains that during this early sales program, stores may only sell edibles with up to to 15 milligrams of THC per package (and there is a limit of one unit per customer per outlet per day), but this is expected to increase to 50 milligrams come this fall.

Although this potency is only half of what’s allowed in Colorado and Washington, the Oregon Health Authority is still reminding consumers to keep marijuana products away from kids and to be careful with how much users consume.

“They say, drink responsibly,” said William Simpson, CEO of Chalice Farms, a Portland-based marijuana grower, processor and retailer. “Eat responsibly—that should be the slogan for edibles. Start slow and take your time. Eat a little and wait a long time.”

(Photo Courtesy of Lochfoot)

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