Paris Jackson Seen At California Marijuana Dispensary

Young artist and activist Paris Jackson was just seen at a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Is she down with this cause, too?
Paris Jackson Seen At California Marijuana Dispensary

We just got wind of some interesting news about the late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson: she might like to consume cannabis. Last night, paparazzi in Los Angeles, California snapped some photos of her leaving a local marijuana dispensary. They even captured a photo of her carrying a paper bag from the dispensary. So does this mean that Paris Jackson smokes weed?

Who is Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson Seen At California Marijuana Dispensary

For those who may not be familiar, Paris Jackson is the only daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Born in 1998, Jackson was raised alongside her two brothers by their father on an expanse of land known as The Neverland Ranch.

During her childhood, Jackson and her siblings reportedly wore masks in public to cover their faces. This was presumably to protect their privacy and preserve a sense of safety, as their father had a nearly-unparalleled level of fame.

After her father passed away in 2009, Jackson quietly faded out of the public eye. She did, however, make several public appearances. One such appearance was in 2010; she and her brothers were interviewed by acclaimed media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey.

In Recent Years

Now 19 years old, Jackson is a model, actress, musician and activist. She has been slipping back into the mainstream. In January 2017, Rolling Stone scored an exclusive interview with her. In the interview, Jackson talked about the loving and supportive relationship she had had with her father. She also disclosed quite a few intimate details about her private life.

In the interview, Jackson mentioned that she was solely raised by her father and didn’t even meet her mother, Debbie Rowe, until she was about 13 years old—after Michael Jackson’s death.

She also shared her personal struggles. These struggles include vicious cyberbullying, being a survivor of sexual assault and having a history of self-harm.

She thrice attempted suicide and still struggles with anxiety and depression, although she said that she is currently not taking any psychiatric medication.

Later in 2017, she granted Teen Vogue an exclusive interview. In this, she spoke at length about using her position of fame as a platform for activism. She is particularly passionate about the environment and human rights. She was even a featured speaker at this year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles.

“To my lil’ activists out there,” she said in her interview, “We are all warriors in our own way, but it’s up to you whether you decide to fight or sit idly…look up to something honest, strong, brave, loving and worthwhile.”

Final Hit: Paris Jackson Seen At California Marijuana Dispensary

Paris Jackson Seen At California Marijuana Dispensary

In 2016, Debbie Rowe was diagnosed with breast cancer. Paparazzi covered Paris accompanying her mother to chemotherapy treatments and noted that she shared a video on her Twitter account detailing how cannabis can help treat cancer.

So, it seemed even then that the younger Jackson had a pro-cannabis stance. Since fans and photographers just spotted her at a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, this may still prove true.

While we don’t know the exact reason for her visit, we can glean from her progressive social and political leanings that she was probably not there as a protester.

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