Pennsylvania Launches MMJ Media Campaign to Prepare for 2018 Rollout

Pennsylvania Launches MMJ Media Campaign to Prepare for 2018 Rollout
Photo by Cresco Yeltrah

Before a single seed has been legally sown, a cannabis producer and dispensary operator in Pennsylvania has launched the state’s first ever MMJ media campaign. The goal is to inform people about the state’s soon-to-be-launched medical marijuana program.

Spreading the Word

The company leading the charge is Cresco Yeltrah, which unveiled a nearly $500,000 ad campaign called “Welcome to a State of Relief.” The media blitz, which includes newspapers, magazines, billboards and social media outlets, seeks to introduce would-be participants to the Pennsylvania’s MMJ program.

The campaign is addressing questions about the 17 conditions that qualify for the program. And although medical marijuana is not expected to be available in Pennsylvania until early 2018, drivers in the Keystone State have already started seeing the ads and electronic billboards statewide and along major highways.

“It’s not too early because this is not a product-focused campaign. It’s to let people know about the program,” said Cresco Labs CEO Charlie Bachtell. “You can’t start this early enough.”

Bachtell added that the program’s success will depend on people understanding and determining whether they qualify for medical marijuana and if it is an appropriate treatment for them.

The purpose is also to convince medical professionals to sign up for the registry process that will allow them to recommend cannabis to their patients. Bachtell hopes the media campaign will clear up some of the preconceived and erroneous notions about cannabis.

“The subject matter suffers from preconceived notions,” Bachtell said. He added that advertising and marketing provides a modern look at what the state’s MMJ program can do to help patients.

Pennsylvania’s MMJ Media Campaign

The first phase of the campaign includes several images. In one, a woman sits in a lotus position on a Pennsylvania-shaped yoga mat. The text on the ad reads: “Welcome to a State of Relief.”

Another one features a waffle in the shape of the Keystone State on a plate with the words: “Medical cannabis offers a new way for Pennsylvania residents to seek relief from symptoms of 17 serious medical conditions, like cancer.”

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