People in This Profession Pop the Most Pills for Sexual Enhancement

You would be hard pressed to find a long-haul trucker rolling down the streets of South Africa without a pocketful of boner pills, according to a new report. It seems that truck drivers in this part of the world are now more likely to choke down sexual enhancement drugs than anyone else.

A recent study from the National Employment Council for the Transport Operating Industry suggests that somewhere around 31 percent of the truckers putting in hours on the highways of Zimbabwe are using fuck drugs to improve their pecker-slinging power in the sack.

But these truck drivers are not just popping handfuls of little blue pills to leave their significant others in stuttering states of orgasmic delight once they return from the road. They’re eating them to enhance their sexual dexterity inside Zimbabwe’s prostitution scene.

“The research revealed that truck drivers are using these drugs to enhance their performance when they engage in sexual activities with commercial sex workers,” researcher Fiona Mwashita told the Chronicle. “Some of them said they did not need to use condoms after taking these drugs.”

The report, which is titled “Analysis of the Causes and Patterns of High Risk Heterosexual Behaviors Among Long Distance Drivers in Zimbabwe,” found the most common pecker enhancement products being used throughout South Africa is Congo Dust, Gonazororo and Enzoy. These drugs, which are herbal mixtures, are typically manufactured in outlying areas and then smuggled into Zimbabwe by the same people who use them the most—truck drivers.

According to a 2014 report from the Sunday News, some truck drivers report going “beyond one hour of intercourse” with the use of these supplements.

Interestingly, researchers found that 7.6 percent of the truckers who use these pills to popularize their porn star status on the streets of Zimbabwe do not feel it is necessary to use a condom after taking the drugs.

“You can’t use it with a condom if you want it to work effectively,” one driver said. “It has to be unprotected sex my brother.”

Fortunately, most truckers are not under any illusion that these drugs will give them bullet proof boners—around 80 percent of the respondents said they still use condoms when taking sexual enhancements.

The problem with this phenomenon, according to researchers, is these drugs are not regulated and can come with some rather stiff consequences. People who abuse these types of supplements are at a high risk for developing a nasty condition known as priapism, which is essentially a painful, glass cutting erection that last for hours.

The report found that many of these truckers—both young and old—are abusing these drugs to become “lions in bed.” The lifestyle associated with being a trucker driver, which includes long hours, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet, is simply forcing a large percentage of them to lean on sexual enhancements just so they can get it up.

But experts say the problem is really about men proving themselves between the sheets.

“No man wants to be dismissed as a weakling in bed because good sexual performance is perceived by society as the centre of virility,” an unnamed health official told the Chronicle. “So people decide to go the extra mile to prove a point to their partners, often with disastrous results.”

While sexual enhancement drugs have become a novelty, of sorts, in many areas of the world, there is new evidence that marijuana could be a much safer alternative for those men hoping to claim a rock star erection.

Last November, a study in the journal Pharmaceutical Research found that 70 percent of those who used marijuana before sex experienced an “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.” Other research conducted throughout the years has concluded that the same aspects of the human mind that make sex enjoyable are stimulated immensely under the effects of marijuana.

There has never been a single report of marijuana sending a man to the Emergency Room for a relentless erection.

Furthermore, using marijuana in the bedroom is less about stroking the male ego and more about getting everyone off. And let’s face it, there is nothing better than that.

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