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Peru: 10K Cannabis Plants Burned in Village Raid

Bill Weinberg



Last weekend, a detachment of troops from the Anti-Drug Department (DEPANDRO) of Peru's national police force raided the remote hamlet of Huayup, high in the mountains of the Aija province, incinerating more than 10,000 cannabis plants.

A report in Áncash al Día used the word plantónes (seedlings) to describe the uprooted plants, but it also said they were over a meter high. The plantation was found on a predio (private collective land holding) covering about a single hectare.

The plants were burned on the scene, and there was no report of any arrests. But fingerprints were taken from farm implements at the predio, and an investigation is underway.

Peru has launched a major new crackdown on cannabis over the past year, and the high inter-Andean valleys of the Áncash region appear to have emerged as a key cultivation zone.

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